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Earth Mission
Staff restaurant Fronius Sattledt

Modern, healthy and safe working environment

Occupational health and safety management

Together. For each other.

The fire safety officer, the safety representative, the first responder. Ideally, they will never be needed – and yet they are a permanent part of all major companies. This is stipulated by the Occupational Safety and Health at Work for Employees Act. Fronius takes this one step further and sets internal standards that are in part stricter than the legal requirements:

  • Testing of occupational health and safety in all stages of planning and execution as well as in the event of the smallest, structural changes
  • Checking of emergency exit widths and lighting angles
  • Evaluation of all workplaces
  • Coordination of key protective measures regarding Covid-19
  • Assessment of working materials and replacement of these if necessary using less hazardous materials
  • Internal audits
  • Post-processing of all accident reports, even for near misses
  • Refresher courses for first responders, “Fit for the shift” campaign for production employees, and the “Prevention is better than cure” campaign for office workers
  • Certification of all sites according to the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system

Company health campaign

We attach great importance to the health and safety of our employees. In order to meet the expectations placed on us, all Fronius sites are certified according to the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system. By implementing high standards and continuous improvements, accidents at work can be prevented to a large extent. A comparison with the industry shows that our efforts are already paying off. We record considerably fewer accidents than other companies. Nevertheless, every instance of personal injury is of course one too many, which is why we will continue to take measures to bring these numbers down even further.

Fitness at work

In addition to safety, we take special care of the health of our employees – both in the workplace and beyond. We do this through:

  • In-house ergonomics experts for individual advice and workplace setup
  • A comprehensive range of health-promoting activities as part of the further training program: back support exercises, running, qi gong, etc.
  • Free vaccination programs (e.g., tick-borne encephalitis and flu)
  • Internal days dedicated to health at the Fronius sites in Austria
  • Company physicians and psychologists
  • Joint sporting activities at company events or on the company volleyball court
  • Stop-smoking seminars
  • Professional rehabilitation or, in other words, reintegration following extended sick leave

At the forefront in developing this topic is Occupational Health Management (OHM). It uses key performance indicators to constantly evaluate the current health status of the company and takes care of the continuous development of individual and organization-wide health campaigns. The top priority is prevention. As a result, the transfer of knowledge and raising of awareness among employees play an important role alongside actual activities.


Our efforts and diverse range of projects are having a significant impact in this area too. In comparison with other Upper Austrian companies, Fronius employees are generally healthier and recover faster. The positive effect of a healthy diet on wellbeing is not to be underestimated. Good food requires high-quality ingredients. That is why we put emphasis on the quality, freshness, and origin of the food in our company restaurant.

Integrity and respect

Fronius employees

In the course of the company’s history, Fronius has grown far beyond Austria. There are now numerous subsidiaries around the world that offer interesting job opportunities. This results in a great deal of cultural diversity within the Fronius community – diversity that we see as a key factor in achieving our goals.

We are all unique in our own way, which promotes the development of new ideas and approaches. Diversity therefore represents the foundation of our corporate success.


This is reason enough to appreciate and promote the individual skills of our employees. Our code of conduct represents a commitment to respect the values and personality of each employee, treat each other with respect, and consciously acknowledge diversity as added value

Discrimination in any form will not be tolerated at Fronius. This includes all forms of discrimination based on beliefs and convictions, cultural, religious, or political backgrounds, different sexual orientations, as well as different mental and physical attributes and abilities.

Employee benefits and events

Anyone working at Fronius gets a number of great employee benefits. We promote social networking, health, and well-being of all employees.


Among other things, Fronius offers:

/ Health-promoting measures

/ Bonuses

/ Christmas gifts

/ Celebrations to mark apprenticeship completion or retirement

/ Employee awards

/ Blood drives

/ Educational leave

/ Company restaurants

/ Company tours

/ Fronius KinderLand (kindergarten)

Fronius Kinderland - our company kindergarten for the next generation

Children on the playground

At Fronius KinderLand, we provide childcare for our employees all year round, giving parents increased flexibility. The company kindergarten features open play areas and child-friendly playrooms, and prepares children for starting school. 

In line with our green thinking, the youngsters recently attended a workshop with internal experts about why environmental protection is so important and what they can do to help. They learned about the topic of waste and disposal in a playful way and also tested and broadened their knowledge of waste separation. 

In summer, Fronius also offers a holiday care scheme for elementary school students. Here too, the main thing is to give parents increased flexibility and create added value for families.

Company restaurant

Our internal company restaurants ensure the wellbeing of all employees with a balanced and sustainable diet. We pick regional and organic products where possible when ingredients are procured. The tasty meals are prepared mainly using seasonal produce to avoid long transport routes.

At our sites in Sattledt, Pettenbach, and Thalheim, we have our own raised beds that we grow herbs in, such as sage, rosemary, and thyme, during the summer. We also grow our own sprouts and cresses indoors all year round, which we add to our salads to make them extra tasty.

Fronius also has four beehives up and running. The honey – affectionately nicknamed "Froney" – is used in our restaurants and sold to employees.

Guest chef events

To ensure maximum variety in our company restaurants, Fronius regularly invites guest chefs to come and cook both Austrian and international dishes. For instance, in addition to steaks, burgers, and Austrian delicacies, several guest chef events have seen employees treated to Vietnamese and Mexican dishes. 

Fronius site in Pettenbach

Sustainability at Fronius

Discover what Fronius contributes to the preservation of our environment. Our Sustainability Report is a detailed booklet which shows the reader what kind of sustainable actions we take.
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Fronius Earth Mission - Sustainability Report 2021