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Earth Mission
Brainstorming for product safety

Customer health and safety

Product safety is a top priority at Fronius.We only sell equipment that is safe to use as intended and meets safety requirements applicable to national sales markets.

Fronius devices are subject to a number of tests and audits as early as the development stage, with one of the goals being to safeguard the health and safety of users. We provide comprehensive information on how to use devices properly and safely in the operating and installation instructions, including warnings about the risks in case the instructions are not followed. We also offer our customers tailored product demonstrations and video instructions on how to commission devices, training sessions and webinars, as well as one-to-one consultations. Fronius also offers after-sales support with annual safety inspections of the devices.

Safety check of welding machine

Perfect Welding

There are many aspects to health and safety with welding, ranging from reducing the harmful impact of welding fumes to designing ergonomic equipment. We are aiming at combatting some thoughtlessness among specialists, firstly at product level and then through greater PR work. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness about the potential risks associated with welding and provide suitable preventive measures.

We provide answers to the following questions: 

What measures can be taken to prevent and eliminate risks? How are these measures be properly implemented?

Welding helmets with a fresh air supply, extraction hoods, and extraction tables reduce exposure to fumes, for instance, and special fume extraction torches neutralize the welding fumes right at the source. All these measures protect workers and others around them. We are striving to make this multi-faceted, highly skilled profession even safer for future generations.

Product safety training Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Our photovoltaics solutions meet the highest standards of safety, minimizing risks such as electric shock when the device is in operation. We have also implemented concepts and technologies that make operating and handling the devices even safer. For example, special consideration is given to the design of the connection area on an inverter during the device’s development stage to ensure that there is enough room for handling. In addition, the plug connections between the PC boards are designed to make it practically impossible to reverse the polarity or switch the plugs. This helps prevent installation and repair errors.

Fronius also offers an extensive range of training opportunities to learn how to properly commission and operate Fronius systems, with webinars and in-person and online training sessions. A total of 1,354 training events (digital and in person) were held in 2021 with 28,706 participants.

Product safety Perfect Charging

Perfect Charging

Safety is the number one priority when charging traction batteries. Following all safety requirements minimizes the risk of accidents, such as electric shock or the inhalation of harmful gases and vapors. We inform our customers about the safety measures they need to take, for example we recommend ventilation of charging spaces in line with standards, the implementation of an external start/stop function and to avoid sparks between charging contacts. Our experts continue to offer support after the charging infrastructure has been commissioned by performing regular safety inspections.

Data from our digital solutions (I-SPoT Viewer and Charge & Connect) help to identify application errors and devise specific training measures.

Fronius site in Pettenbach

Sustainability at Fronius

Discover what Fronius contributes to the preservation of our environment. Our Sustainability Report is a detailed booklet which shows the reader what kind of sustainable actions we take.
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