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Earth Mission
Employee training and development

Fronius Future Talents (apprenticeship)

“We are developing in a way that is both agile and sustainable, for increased growth on the strength of our own efforts.” This is the motto of Fronius Future Talents – a project in which we have set the course for our apprentice training. In order to finely hone the technology of tomorrow, we need to make sure that we are educating excellent staff today. That is why the Fronius apprentice training team is working together with trainers on new, future-oriented standards.
Apprentice with Fronius

Since 1951, Fronius has been training apprentices at the highest level in a state-of-the-art production and office environment. The project has now grown to include a total of 16 professions and ranges from jobs in electronics over operating logistics to IT


We currently have around 160 trainees who are taking the first steps in their careers and can benefit from comprehensive training in digital skills development.


At first glance, the "chef" apprenticeship seems rather unusual. But anyone who is familiar with the Fronius company restaurants knows that one of the appeals of working for Fronius is its culinary offering. Training restaurant staff presents a way to improve this reputation even further.

Apprenticeship at Fronius
Fronius apprentices start their year of training with the symbolic planting of a fruit tree. This allows these future professionals to set the tone for positive, sustainable growth – in the truest sense of the word.
Employee stories of Fronius

Employee development

As a family-owned company, Fronius thinks in terms of generations and strives to be a stable employer and to enjoy long-term success. We want to use our employees’ energy more effectively. With their knowledge, skills, attitude, and motivation, they provide the foundations for our growth. Committed and qualified employees as well as a strong sense of solidarity are crucial to the success of the company. 

But let’s give Fronius employees the chance to speak for themselves… 

Read employees’ stories now and discover their career paths

Exciting training opportunities from our Human Resources Development department

The range of opportunities for personal development is vast. 

  • We focus on a diverse range of health and environmental issues in the "Sustainable living" category of the education program. 
  • With fascinating keynotes, we demonstrate that the contribution of not only the company, but also every individual is vital to the pursuit of a worthwhile future. 
Qualities such as flexibility, spontaneity, a willingness to learn, a readiness to change, and resilience are essential these days. This is not always easy. We would like to support our employees and encourage them to take a positive approach to change, maintain a healthy level of optimism, and to work on pushing their own boundaries. Of course, there are also conventional internal and external specialist training, management, and personal development seminars on offer.
Management philosophy at Fronius

Employee development through our sustainable management culture

We regard the development of our management culture as a central task to allow us to overcome the growing challenges. We value a mutual understanding of leadership throughout the company without any loss of individuality. We create this balance with targeted initial and continuous training, strengthening management networking, and constant joint work on the management culture

The Fronius leadership mission statement is based on three important elements: 

  • Thinking ahead 
  • Making connections 
  • Making progress

This provides orientation for a wide variety of development measures.

We would like to use our projects to encourage our managers to engage in new forms of collaboration and identify, develop, and make use of the individual potential of employees and teams. 

The “Fronius Way” – our corporate philosophy

The “Fronius Way” is essentially the philosophy according to which we operate and it lets new colleagues dive into our corporate culture immediately. 


While the details are challenged all the time, the core values of the Fronius Way remain the same. These corporate values have been shaped throughout the company’s long existence and form the basis for our everyday work:


… is at the heart of what we do. We make socially, ecologically, and economically responsible decisions that will have the best possible impact on everyone involved and the environment in the long term. 


Quality awareness

… shapes our attitude. We are not satisfied until every screw fits properly. We are continuously striving to optimize our processes, skills, and products. 


Innovation & creativity

… are what drive us. Whether the ideas are grand or small, we move forward together and promote the development of new solutions every day. 



… pays off. The conscious use of funds means we can invest our resources with future use in mind. 



… connects us. Fronius is a family-owned company. Every employee is a valued member of that family. We follow the Fronius Way together.

Fronius site in Pettenbach

Sustainability at Fronius

Discover what Fronius contributes to the preservation of our environment. Our Sustainability Report is a detailed booklet which shows the reader what kind of sustainable actions we take.
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Fronius Earth Mission - Sustainability Report 2021