Earth Mission

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Earth Mission

Logistics at Fronius International

Sustainable value creation at Fronius

The “Operations” division

Value creation chain at Fronius

Where do we source the parts for our products? How can we make our manufacturing processes even more effective? And what about our eco-balance in sales, and the ease of repair of our devices? Answers to these questions are provided by “Operations”, which focuses on the entire value creation process: from raw material extraction through the finishing stages and right up to the end consumer

Upstream value creation

To manufacture our products, we require a wide range of materials, most of which we source from Europe. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure constant compliance with our strict guidelines for environmental and social standards. This enables us to continuously develop both new and existing suppliers on the basis of our established supplier management system. And to do so with success: more than half of our major suppliers have already implemented certified management systems such as ISO 14001.

Internal value creation through logistics at Fronius International

Internal value creation

We consolidate our manufacturing activities in Austria and the Czech Republic and we are therefore able to guarantee compliance with the highest social, environmental, and quality standards. Furthermore, R&D and the production department work hand in hand at Fronius. This increases effectiveness and reduces the time from the initial idea to the start of production. A safe working environment, the sustainable organization of all our sites, and respectful cooperation on an equal footing positively complement our internal value creation approach. 


Downstream value creation

Every Fronius product around the world starts its journey in Sattledt, Upper Austria. By pooling our strengths here, we are able to optimally coordinate the supply of all global markets and guarantee it with the help of efficient and sustainable logistics and transport processes. Furthermore, a global network of local subsidiaries and partners allows for targeted, decentralized logistics. We avoid transport by air altogether wherever possible. 

Endurance ice test with Fronius SnapINverter

Long service life & ease of repair

A long service life and the possibility of repair are decisive factors in downstream value creation. Both aspects are deeply anchored in our quality awareness. For example, we not only double or triple check our products, we subject them to a total of thirteen different endurance tests during the development phase. This enables us to guarantee a long service life even under harsh conditions. In addition, we develop comprehensive service strategies to guarantee that our products can be repaired at a later date. Thanks to our global network of repair centers and certified Fronius Service Partners, we avoid long journeys and transport routes and we are able to deliver rapid repairs

Fronius site in Pettenbach

More on the topic of value creation

Detailed information about the individual processes within the sustainable value creation chain at Fronius, as well as the latest facts, figures, and data, can be found in our Sustainability Report.
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Fronius Earth Mission - Sustainability Report 2020