I-SPoT Calculator

The comprehensive calculation tool for intralogistics

The comprehensive calculation tool for intralogistics
With I-SPoT Calculator, the lifecycle costs calculator, potential energy savings can be calculated for electrically-powered forklift trucks, taking into account energy costs, CO2 emissions, as well as battery and maintenance costs.
As a result, forklift truck fleets spread across multiple sites belonging to the same organisation, or to individual departments within the same location, can be monitored and visualised.
The calculation tool provides the perfect basis on which a company can take decisions to optimise its fleet operation. 

Calculate potential savings in the battery charging process

The I-SPoT Calculator provides a simple and clear overview of the potential savings for each year of operation as well as the total operating costs (Total Cost of Ownership) over a period of five years. This will allow you pinpoint precisely the improvements that are most suitable for each location and when to implement them. You can also use the analysis results as proof of implementing energy efficiency measures.