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Product guide Fronius GEN24 Plus


To help prepare you to the install and commission the Fronius GEN24 Plus, we have collected all important information and technical details.
This should guarantee the quick and easy installation of your first GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter!

Software update

When you start-up the GEN24 Plus, an update must be carried out. You can download it here: Fronius GEN24 Plus Update (.swu-file)

The GEN24 Plus is a hybrid inverter availabe as a single- and a three-phase version.

The power categories of the single phase version, the Primo GEN24 Plus, ranges from 3 - 6 kW.

The power categories of the three phase version, the Symo GEN24 Plus, ranges from 3 - 10 kW*.

* the Full Backup option is only available for the Symo GEN24 Plus 6 - 10 kW.


Start-up your GEN24 Plus with the new Fronius Solar.start app. In just three steps, you can complete the process and easily connect the inverter to the network.

Alternatively you can use your browser for commissioning by entering the IP address “”.

Download Solar.start here:


In our installation video, we show you how to install the GEN24 Plus easily and quickly.


Fronius Solar.web is fully available as desktop and app version for monitoring your GEN24 Plus inverters.

You can download the new Solar.web app on your smart device in your App Store and the Google Play Store! Find more information about Solar.web here.

Download the Solar.web app here:

Be well prepared

Don't forget your smartphone with the new Solar.start app, tablet or notebook and the tried and tested Torx 20 screwdriver in your toolbox. NOTE for LAN/WLAN connection with Windows 10: When entering the password using Windows 10 it is necessary to activate the link "Connect using a network security key instead" at the outset. Then a connection set-up is possible with the password: 12345678.  

You can also order an optional retrofit DC surge protection type 1 + 2 for 2 MPP trackers for the GEN24 Plus (article number: 4,240,313, CK).  Detailed information on installing the surge protection can be find in the quick start guide enclosed in the packaging as well as in the installation video.


Please note

  • GEN24 Plus inverters must not be connected to each other or to existing rings via the RJ45 connectors. These are only for network integration.
  • Modbus cabling – Fronius Smart Meter and battery: The GEN24 Plus has 2 Modbus inputs (M0 and M1), both of which are functionally equivalent. This means that both inputs can be used to connect the Smart Meter and battery. Please note, however, that the terminating resistors must be set
  • Please observe the sequence when switching on the system:
  1. Battery (main fuse)
  2. Inverter (DC disconnector)
  • The USB port is for power supply only (1 A)
  • It is no longer possible to connect to an S0 counter
  • There is no potential-free contact. Loads must be controlled via an external relay. Please note the coil power of the relays. More information can be found in the download area in the Energy Management solution sheet.  


Regularly updating the inverter software is essential for the operation of the photovoltaic system. Continuous software updates of the inverter not only guarantee a low failure rate and better serviceability of the device, but also ensure optimum performance of the system. Regular software updates of Fronius GEN24 inverters are therefore a prerequisite for making full use of the Fronius warranty.

There are two options for this:

  • Bring the PV system online* in Solar.web: If you choose this option, the inverter can be updated online. Fronius reserves the right to carry out updates automatically.
  • Manual check and, if necessary, update the inverter software every 3 three months

*This requires the maintenance and provision of an Internet connection 


Product registration

The GEN24 Plus has a verification code (V.Code) in addition to the serial number. The V.Code is intended to avoid possible misuse or mistaken use of a wrong registration code during product registration. You can find both numbers on the nameplate of the inverter. They are mainly required for product registration and to add the system to the Solar.web. Detailed instructions for product registration can be found in the download area. 


Please note: The product registration must be completed in 2 years after the registration. 


The compatibilities of GEN24 Plus and SnapINverters may vary slightly. Please check the list for compatible third party components in the download area. Please note that these compatibilities will be extended on a regular basis.

Software updates for the GEN24 Plus can be carried out via the monitoring tool Fronius Solar.web. Integrate your inverter into the network in order to have the latest compatibilities with third-party components available. 


You can find a list of all countries in which our GEN24 Plus is certified - and can therefore be sold - in the inverter overview in the download area.  

Fronius Smart Meter

The Fronius Smart Meter visualizes the energy flow of the facility. We recommend installing the Fronius Smart Meter in series to the utility meter. In this scenario the Fronius Smart Meter is able to monitor the ingoing and outgoing energy flow of the facility. 

Compatible batteries

Get an overview of all compatible batteries and their charging and discharging power in the Battery Storage solution sheet in the download area.  

Parallel operation GEN24 Plus and BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM

Due to the cascadability of the BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM, up to 3* batteries can be operated in parallel. The advantage of parallel operation of several storage units is that high capacities can be achieved. Thus, even small commercial systems can be realised with the combination of GEN24 Plus and BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM. You can find more information in the battery storage solution sheet in the download area.

* Attention: The combination of 3x HVM 22.1 is not possible!


The Fronius GEN24 Plus Series offer two backup power solutions


  • 1-phase backup power up to 3 kW
  • Backup switchover equipment is already integrated
  • PV Point works without a battery possible 


  • 1-phase backup power up to 6 kW (Primo GEN24 Plus) or 3-phase backup power up to 10 kW (Symo GEN24 Plus*)
  • All consumers of the facility can be supplied with the full-backup. It is necessary to install a backup power switchover system
  • Full-Backup requests battery and pv generator. 
* the Full Backup option is only available for the Symo GEN24 Plus 6 - 10 kW.

Latest technical updates

In the following list you will find the latest technical information and updates on the Fronius GEN24 Plus inverters:

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