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Fronius builds Hydrogen Competence Centre plus a brand-new Solhub in Steinhaus


Representing another step on the path towards Fronius’ vision of 24 hours of sun, where hydrogen plays a key role, Fronius is building a new Hydrogen Competence Centre. Going forward, all H2 activities will be accommodated under one roof with the addition of a new generation Solhub completing the new H2 site.

All our hydrogen expertise
under one roof


“We have highly ambitious aims in the hydrogen sector and we couldn’t bring these to life at the current research and development facility in Thalheim. We needed more space and suitable infrastructure, which is why we decided to bring all our resources together at the Fronius site in Steinhaus.”


Christian Kasberger says as he talks about the building conversions in Steinhaus.

Project also to include a new Fronius Solhub green hydrogen solution

The new Hydrogen Competence Centre will feature a new Fronius Solhub with a new design. This system solution for local generation and usage of green hydrogen enables vehicles to be refuelled and for seasonal storage. The Solhub is equipped with a low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure storage system as well as several additional applications.

Moreover the modularity of the system allows the implementation of different expansion and test scenarios. Therefore, the implementation of a 700bar infrastructure for the refuelling of cars will be the first step of the expansion project with further expansions to follow.



“This competence centre in Steinhaus is the ideal way to combine our resources and drive forward hydrogen research, development, production, sales and customer training in H2 systems.”


Christian Kasberger, Project Manager of the Hydrogen Competence Centre


Green hydrogen – the future’s sustainable source of energy

An important key technology to achieve the 24 hours of sun vision is hydrogen. Fronius has been researching H2 for around 20 years and have become an expert when it comes to green hydrogen from solar energy.

By generating hydrogen via electrolysis, local storage, refuelling vehicles as well as stationary fuel cell applications, hydrogen has the potential to revolutionise our energy supply completely.

There are a multitude of applications, ranging from sustainable mobility to reconversion and heat generation. However, this technology is only sustainable if green hydrogen, produced in an environmentally friendly manner, is used. This allows us to use the solar energy that is produced and stored in the summer during the winter.



Total Area   3,400 m² Solhub production area, resarch- and testing laboratories, offices and common rooms
Energy Supply   

180 kWp PV system, pellet-fuelled heating, heat recovery of Solhub
directly into the building;

Use of waste heat of process cooling in the laboratories

Solhub 10 kWp PV system, elektrolyzer, H2 storage, dispenser


Fronius Solhub

Green hydrogen from solar energy

Learn more about Fronius Solhub

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