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Perfect Welding

TransSteel: Efficient steel welding

Fronius has also just recently launched the TransSteel 2200. In the following interview Peter Fronius, Head of Strategic Product Management, summarises the advantages of the new welding solution and explains what requirements it has been designed to meet.

The TransSteel series from Fronius is a master at welding steel, not least thanks to its specially developed characteristics, extremely stable arc and up to 100 percent reproducible welding results. It is also adept at welding aluminium and MIG brazing. Special characteristics for aluminium and copper-silicon have been developed too. The series includes the TransSteel 3500 Syn and 5000 Syn devices. With their one-touch operation – known as Synergic operation – the welder only selects the material, wire diameter and gas mix. The intelligent system then controls the welding process automatically. Other TransSteel models include the 2700c and 3500c compact variants. These are easy to use and boast a modular design, making them a space-saving yet powerful option for small businesses and workshops in particular.


Mr Fronius, what is special about the TransSteel 2200?

The TransSteel 2200 is our first single-phase, multiprocess-capable MIG/MAG inverterpower source. This makes it an all-rounder that can give our customers the best weld properties for MIG/MAG as well as TIG and MMA welding applications. The automatic Power Factor Correction (PFC) ensures that the available power is used efficiently.


What can the TransSteel 2200 be used for?

Our new device has been specially developed for manual applications. Primarily suited to steel construction, the TransSteel 2200 is also an excellent workshop companion and for assembly, repair and maintenance work. One big benefit is the variety of characteristics available – including AlSi and CuSi – as well as the device’s robustness and large action radius thanks to the proven PFC (Power Factor Correction) function. The power source also offers a feature that, based on the selected mains fuse protection, sustains the welding operation for as long as possible by steplessly adjusting the welding current, without changing the welding result.


What advantages does this solution offer the user?

The TransSteel 2200 is a robust device for portable use and is extremely versatile. For example, its low weight of just 15 kilograms makes it easier to move around, while the second gas solenoid valve allows a simple switchover from MIG/MAG to TIG. It is also extremely intuitive to operate – the perfect weld seam can be created in just three steps.

„Welding steel requires an exceptionally robust and reliable tool; one that continues to work perfectly even when exposed to the harsh conditions prevalent in machine and steel construction or the production of pipelines, cranes, rail vehicles or containers."

Peter Fronius, Head of Strategic Product Management


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