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Central User Management

User Management made quick and easy

Central User Management allows for quick and easy user management.

It takes just a few clicks in a single central location to define user rights for one or more welding systems or WeldCube Premium applications – the information is automatically sent to all connected systems. The result:

Big time savings and transparency.

The advantages at a glance

Time savings

  • Time savings of up to 90% for the creation of new users on multiple systems (in comparison to when these are created on the welding system itself)
  • Automatic transfer of user rights changes to welding systems
  • Rapid reassignment of NFC card if lost or for a different employee

Centralized overview

  • All users and their authorizations at a glance
  • Straightforward assignment of user rights on connected welding systems and WeldCube Premium applications
  • Traceability throughout the process of all changes to users

Web API interface

  • Ability to connect existing user databases or HR systems
  • Avoid entering data twice

Intuitive user navigation

User management in the welding system itself

Authorizations can be assigned to users individually on Fronius welding systems that feature an integrated authorization system.

The system knows what the user is and is not allowed to do when they log in using a key card, key fob, or the WeldConnect app.

  1. Key card
  2. Key Job
  3. Mobile Decive with WeldConnect
  4. Customer NFC card*

*In contrast with custom NFC cards, Fronius key cards have extra copy protection for increased security.

Let´s get connected!

Secure - customizable - traceable

Central user management is opend on a tablet and a mobile device
  • Lock and unlock the welding systems with ease
  • Avoid operating errors thanks to the individual assignment of authorizations. Example: only an authorized welder can make changes to a job.
  • Manage authorizations and user roles directly in the welding system
  • Traceability in data documentation; a record is made of users who are logged in

Further software solutions



WeldCube Data Management

Fronius offers the optimal software solution for the ongoing planning, collection, analysis, and visualization of welding technology production data in the form of the WeldCube product portfolio.

Depending on the WeldCube version, welding and system data can be stored and evaluated either locally in the welding systems or centrally in a database.



The Fronius app for wireless interaction with the welding system

WeldConnect allows every welder to quickly and easily find the suitable parameters for their welding task. Step by step, the app asks for the precise details of the application at hand – such as welding process, parent material, weld seam profile and shielding gas. The user can either enter this data manually or scan the QR codes on the respective materials. Using this information, the wizard calculates the ideal welding parameters for both TIG and MIG/MAG applications.

WeldConnect App

WeldCube API

Data interfaces for TPS/i welding systems and WeldCube Premium

In order that welding data may be documented, analyzed, or made available for other software systems, Fronius offers various data interfaces, known as APIs. The customer can use the data that are made available for their own customized data management solutions.

WeldCube API

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