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Perfect Welding

Award-Winning Allrounder TransSteel 2200 is the Best Product of the year

TransSteel 2200 is the Best Product of the year. A 430 HP high-performance racing car needs stability on the road. To achieve this, more than 300 different welded joints capable of withstanding unbelievably high stresses are required. The triple-process TransSteel 2200 effortlessly welds every joint. Find out more about this talented all-rounder at.

The TransSteel 2200 has done more than just impress the American welder Justin "the.fabricator" Merrill. Not one, but two expert juries have awarded a prize to the manual power source:


The multiprocess system was recognized with a Plus X Award for “Best Product of the Year 2018”. The compact multipurpose device also received a Red Dot Design Award. The judges were particularly impressed by the compact design and multifunctionality of the device. Its robustness and ease of use were also considered to be strong points.The


Plus X Award is the world’s biggest innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle, and sees itself as an orientation guide for consumers. An expert jury of representatives from various industries awards this prize for innovation, design, quality, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics, and ecology. The product that impresses in the most categories within its group is given the special award “Best Product of the Year”. In the tool category, the winner for 2018 is the Fronius TransSteel 2200.

The TransSteel 2200 combines multifunctionality and compactness.