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Perfect Welding

Welding solutions in times of skills shortages and resource efficiency


At the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN trade show in Essen (September 11-15) we will be focusing on the major driving forces in welding technology. Quality requirements are rising across all industries, but the necessary welding specialists are few and far between. Resource efficiency is also highly important from an economic and ecological perspective. We will be presenting appropriate solutions at the leading trade show for welding technology later this year.
WelsCube Navigator

Realistic welder training with the Welducation simulator 

Encased in standard welding system housing, this simulator features real welding torches, delivers a realistic representation, and offers comprehensive, quality welder training covering the theory, welding tasks, and knowledge testing. And all without any gas, material, or filler wire. 

Experience it live in action! TIG cold-wire welding – smart and simple

The demo of our new TIG solution is sure to be one of the highlights of the trade show. The iWave with cold wire feed technology and TIG DynamicWire welding package can help all TIG novices or those with less experience to achieve perfect TIG welds. 

Standardized welding process with the WeldCube Navigator 

Alongside solid training, standardization can help to ensure quality from the first to the last component. Our WeldCube Navigator guides welding specialists through their tasks step-by-step which results in increased welding quality.

Cobot solutions: cost-effective from batch sizes of 1

Another option in the fight against skills shortages is to free up highly trained workers from routine work so they can focus on more demanding tasks. Our CWC-S cobot welding cell makes it easy to take the first step toward automation and proves profitable for small and medium-sized companies. 

All technical solutions must protect the health and safety of the workers too. To make work easy for them, we focus on ergonomics, such as during the development of new quality welding torches, and offer a selection of effective welding fume extraction systems, fresh air systems, and fume extraction torches as well as protective clothing and equipment. All these measures prevent harming workers’ health and reduce downtime for the company. 

Find out more about what awaits you at our SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN stand here. 

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