Perfect Welding

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Perfect Welding

Your craftsmanship, our technology


Robust, versatile, and weighing just under 10 kilograms, our new Fronius Artis is a reliable companion, whether for flawless visible seams on stainless steel handrails or swimming pools for high-quality pipe connections and precise applications in container and industrial plant construction. Our new Fronius TIG welding machines are user-friendly, reliable, and energy-efficient, and of course the Artis offers all the popular functions of its predecessor, the Fronius TransTig. 

Impressive complete TIG package 

The new Fronius Artis is a mobile TIG welding machine featuring a variety of individual applications and a remarkable range of functions. Eleven of the most important parameters can be selected on the user-friendly display in no time and then the welder is good to go! The adjustable pulsed arc ensures an outstanding seam appearance and plays to its strengths in tight spaces and with very thin materials, whereas the TAC function is ideal for precisely tacking components. Time savings of up to 50% can be achieved and the function ensures that hardly any temper colors are produced—a clear advantage for the seam quality when subsequently welding over the tacking points. 

Electrode welding functions

With the electrode pulse mode, the Artis has an effective way of bridging bigger air gaps, working easily in tight spaces, and reliably welding vertical-up seams. The perfect ignition behavior is also worthy of mention—thanks to this there is no more sticking and no more arc break. For optimal welding of cellulose electrodes, the Artis has its own characteristic with high open circuit voltage and ignition power. 

Energy-efficient welding

The technology within the Artis ensures that welding specialists can concentrate fully on the weld, regardless of voltage fluctuations. Our sophisticated inverter technology reliably compensates for mains fluctuations of up to 30% and provides the maximum output power for the welding process. Four consecutive minutes of welding are no problem for the intelligently controlled powerhouse, whose integrated Power Factor Correction (PFC) makes particularly effective use of the available power. Only as much power is drawn from the grid as is necessary. This saves energy and also gives users a large range of operation. Even with longer grid leads, there is no loss of power. 

Contact address

Mag. Heidemarie Haslbauer

+43 (664) 88293709
+43 (664) 88293709 unfyonhre.urvqrznevr@sebavhf.pbz

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