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Fronius employee receives Welding in the World Best Paper Award 2021

The International Institute of Welding (IIW) is the largest and most renowned worldwide network for the exchange of knowledge on joining technologies. Fronius employee Dr. Stephan Egerland managed to impress its panel of experts with a research paper, the title and focus of which is: “Influence of shielding gas nozzle design on power density distribution in low-current TIG welding arcs.” As a result, he was named the winner of the Best Paper Award 2021 in the Welding Processes and Additive Manufacturing category. 
Dr. Stephan Egerland

The IIW’s panel of judges consisting of highly regarded experts awarded its accolades for outstanding achievements on July 7, 2021, as part of a virtual awards ceremony. Dr. Stephan Egerland, a recipient of one of the awards, is a passionate and experienced arc enthusiast. His award-winning specialist article was drawn up as part of his dissertation which he did alongside his professional work for seven years. In it, he investigated the geometry of shielding gas nozzles in detail and conducted special tests. The aim was to discover how the design of these key components affects the physics of their flow behavior and additionally how it affects the distribution of the energy in the arc plasma.

Dr. Egerland learned the welding profession from the ground up, covering all bases from MIG/MAG to TIG and electrodes. He went on to complete advanced training to become a nationally certified trainer and a certified welding expert of the German Association for Welding and Allied Processes (DVS). In 1997, his passion led him to join the technology leader Fronius where he is now a member of the Technology Publication Board of Fronius R&D. His responsibilities include creating technical/scientific publications, giving international presentations, and maintaining cooperative relationships with renowned international welding technology institutes and faculties. Alongside his professional work, Dr. Egerland studied Welding Engineering at Cranfield University in the UK before going on to complete his doctorate.

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