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Perfect Welding

TIG Welding Clearly Explained


Tungsten inert gas welding is a process for top-quality weld seams. But why is that? What is inert shielding gas? And what role does the tungsten electrode play? These questions are all answered in Fronius’ new blog post.
TIG arc

In our new series “What is ...?” the Fronius Perfect Welding blog helps to build an understanding of welding and to maintain an overview of the basic terms. The Perfect Welding blog series starts with an article on TIG.

Shielding gas and the electrode are the key elements of TIG welding. They are responsible for ensuring that a high-quality, clean seam is achieved during the welding process. For more information on the TIG process, tungsten electrodes, the function of shielding gas, and the special contactless HF ignition, read our “What Is ... TIG Welding?” blog post.

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