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French Welding Star Christophe Lagarde Visits Fronius


8/11/2019 / Wels, Upper Austria
In mid-July, the welding enthusiast, trainer, and social media star Christophe Lagarde visited Fronius International in Austria. A self-confessed Fronius fan for many years, he was deeply impressed by all that he saw – from the latest equipment in the R&D department to the overwhelmingly welcoming atmosphere.
group photo with Christophe Lagarde

Christophe Lagarde is a big name in the French welding community. He is a certified welder, founder of the company System Weld, and teaches at his welder training center in Vierzon in the heart of France. What’s more, Christophe is also extremely active on social media. In 2016 he founded the Community Soudeurs 2.0 on Facebook, which has since grown to 18,700 members. In addition to this, Christophe’s employee and trainer Mehdy Addad produces product test videos in the training center equipped with Fronius welding systems.

When Fronius France made contact with Christophe, it marked the beginnings of a fruitful relationship. In March this year, Christophe held welding workshops on the Fronius stand at the Global Industry Fair in Lyon. This was followed in mid-July by a trip to Fronius International in Austria together with his wife and Mehdy Addad. “I was impressed by the brand-new, cutting-edge R&D center and also by how Fronius integrates its welding systems and WeldCube data management system into its own production processes.” Now that he has gotten to know the company that bit better, what three words would Christophe use to describe Fronius? “Environment, innovation, and technology. But I have to add a fourth word to that: Passion!”

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