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Perfect Welding

Switch between different filler wires directly on the welding torch

Products & Solutions

The dual wirefeeder can be used for many practical applications. For example, if you need to switch from a thin wire for tacking to a thicker wire for fill passes, or if a component calls for different filler wire materials, such as steel and flux core wire.
WF 25i Dual

Our WF 25i Dual is the perfect partner for the TPS/i or iWave. Not only do companies save on the cost of procuring a second welding system, they also avoid the associated carbon footprint - not to mention the time saved as their specialists no longer need to switch back and forth between two systems. Instead, they can simply select the appropriate welding wire at the touch of a button.

Quick, convenient switching

With the dual wirefeeder, you can change the process line in a number of ways. For exceptional convenience, just reach for the second welding torch and start the process line directly with the torch trigger. There’s no need to walk to the system but the required wirefeed can of course be selected there too or directly on the welding system display. Alternatively the RC Panel can be used, which is an ideal choice for particularly long hosepacks and is positioned near to the welder.

The WF 25i Dual can supply each process line with gas separately and is available for both 450 mm and 300 mm wire spools. This makes for maximum flexibility and enables a large radius of operation with controlled and stable wirefeeding. Depending on the requirements, it can be mounted on a cart, crane, Trabant, or boom, so there is always enough space to reach difficult-to-access areas in complex welding environments.

You can find out more about the WF 25i Dual here.

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