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Perfect Welding

Fronius at EuroBLECH 2018: Hall 13, Stand F174


10/10/2018 / Hannover, Germany
The EuroBLECH 2018 is all about being “On the pulse of digitalization”. In keeping with the theme, Fronius Perfect Welding will be putting digital solutions in the lime light at Hannover from October 23–26, 2018. Get an overview of the exhibition portfolio:
WeldCube - data overview

Data Management with WeldCube

Modern welding systems collect various information such as current, voltage, wire speed, and welding speed. With the help of the WeldCube data management system, users can use this information to optimize processes.

TPS/i: Flexible System Platform for High Performances

The TPS/i system platform has a high performance processor and a high speed bus so therefore offers increased arc control and higher precision welding processes. Thanks to the function packages, the welder can use several processes on the same TPS/i.

With the LaserHybrid welding process, Fronius meets the challenge of faster production processes and demands for higher quality. This process combines the advantages of GMAW and laser beam welding processes.

Handy Multi-Purpose Devices for Manual Welding

In 2018 Fronius launched a new manual TIG welding series. The power sources use the technological innovations of the TPS/i platform. This results in TIG devices with intuitive controls and improved ignition and welding properties.

Another of Fronius’ innovations is the TransSteel 2200. The hand-held welding torch masters MMA, MIG/MAG, and TIG welding processes, and is ideal for changing tasks. The compact multi-talented device only weighs 15.5 kg and is robust, reliable, and easy to operate.

Welding Automation: Reproducible Seam Quality

Fronius offers solutions for mechanized welding with Welding Automation. The FlexTrack 45 Pro welding carriage has a rail system and a robust, light carriage. The constant travel speed provides optimal, reproducible welding results.

The Fronius TIG orbital welding systems are the best option for high-quality pipe connections. Multiple functions enable the user to efficiently carry out a wide spectrum of high quality welding tasks.

Modular Gun for Aluminum Spot Welding

With DeltaCon the company expands its product range for resistance spot welding. The new spot welding gun has been optimized for aluminum applications and offers high productivity due to minimum downtime. With its modular structure DeltaCon increases flexibility and cost effectiveness.


Fronius at EuroBLECH 2018: Hall 13, Stand F174

Find more information on the EuroBLECH website.

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