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TIG keyhole welding and digital learning: Fronius at the IIW Congress in India


3/26/2020 / Mumbai, India
The “International Congress 2020” took place in early February in Mumbai. Participants and speakers from all over the world discussed current topics and developments in the welding technology sector in great detail. How can new process variants benefit industrial applications? How can the skills shortage be counteracted and what role does digitization play in this? Two speakers from Fronius were on hand to answer these questions.
Fair Weld India, Fronius team

Welder training must have a contemporary and modern feel in order to build enthusiasm for the profession among young people. The training needs to engage young people by using methods they are interested in such as digital channels. Nikolaus Zauner, product manager at Fronius International, showed ways in which industrial companies can counteract the skills shortage. From contemporary educational materials and instructional videos and apps, to VR welding simulators, Fronius is intensively engaged in modern didactic methods and offers a wide range of solutions that Zauner presented in his talk.

Likewise driven by digitization, industrial production processes are continuing to develop and change. An increase in efficiency and productivity are mostly at the center of this. Joining technology also has a role to play here – for example, with new process variants of TIG welding, which allow higher welding speeds with less preparatory work and rework. Martin Willinger, process engineer in arc technology at Fronius International, explained to the audience in Mumbai how TIG keyhole welding with a cooled tungsten electrode can be used favorably in industrial applications.

The “International Congress 2020” was organized by the International Institute of Welding (IIW) at the “Weld India” trade fair from February 6-8 in Mumbai, India. The 5th annual conference hosted more than 150 lectures around the topic of welding.

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