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Perfect Welding

The New Fronius Ignis—Reliability in Your Hands


Whether assembly, maintenance or repair, each welding task brings its own specific requirements. The weld needs to be precise and to withstand any stress or weather influences. This applies even when there is no stable power grid available. This poses no problem for the compact Ignis, available in the 150 A and 180 A power categories. There are also TIG variants for both models for those looking for a mobile TIG welding solution. 

Stable Arc for Any Power Grid

The Ignis 150/180 boasts an extremely reliable arc even in the event of voltage fluctuations, during generator-powered operation, or with up to 100 meter-long grid leads. The integrated Power Factor Correction technology optimally uses the existing mains voltage, thereby improving the power factor. Not only does this make the Ignis extremely energy-efficient, it also increases the welders’ operating range, giving them more or less free rein to create perfect welds. 

Powerhouse with a Wide Range of Functions

Although the Ignis 150 (6.5 kg) and the Ignis 180 (8.8 kg) are particularly lightweight and easy to handle, they contain sophisticated technology and a host of features to make everyday welding easier. First things first, both systems feature an easy-to-use menu operated via a rotary and push button, which allows users to select their desired parameters, and the 7-segment display clearly shows the settings at all times. 

The Ignis also features SoftStart, HotStart, and TrackingArc functions to assist welders when they start welding. We developed SoftStart specifically for basic electrodes that require a low welding current. HotStart, on the other hand, increases the current for a fraction of a second at the start to enable the electrode to ignite more easily, which is very useful for rutile and cellulose electrodes. Like a flashlight, TrackingArc helps to find the exact starting position. This prevents welding errors such as end-craters or notches from occurring in the first place and saves time-consuming reworking.   

You can find further details about the new universal Fronius Ignis here.

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