Perfect Welding

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Perfect Welding

More functional and more energy-efficient than ever before


Welding technology expert Fronius is launching a new generation of its tried-and-tested MMA welding system: introducing the TransPocket 150 and TransPocket 180. The devices have been refined to produce outstanding welding results and include an improved range of functions. In addition, a digital resonance inverter ensures perfect weld properties for a variety of electrode types, and thanks to innovative PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology, the devices are extremely energy-efficient.
TransPocket 150

The TransPocket 150 and 180 are replacing the proven TransPocket 1500. With the TransPocket 180, a single-phase 180 A MMA welding system will be available for the first time. The manual welding systems are designed primarily for MMA welding and can process rod electrodes with a diameter of up to 4.0 millimetres. The latest generation of devices is also suitable for TIG welding up to 220 A, with a new TIG Multi Connector and welding torch with Up/Down function available for this purpose. The latter enables the welding current to be set on the welding torch. The TransPocket permits TIG welding as a pulse welding process as well as in two and four-step mode.

The new TransPocket delivers excellent welding results irrespective of the welding process. A digital controller adapts the power source characteristic to the electrode to be welded. This results in outstanding weld properties, which become apparent mainly as a result of the optimised electrode ignition with a lower short circuit current and reduced spattering during the welding process.

High voltage reserves at every operating point produce an extremely stable arc. Furthermore, truly innovative PFC technology (automated power factor correction) adapts the power consumption of the power source to the sinusoidal mains voltage, thus reducing the machine's current consumption. The device is therefore much more energy-efficient and disturbances to the mains supply are reduced to a minimum. Long mains leads can be used as a result.

The TransPocket 180 is also available as a multivoltage variant - a flexible single-phase device that can be operated at a mains voltage of between 96 and 265 volts. This is a huge advantage for users with different mains supplies. The compact and robust design of the TransPocket makes it the ideal companion for use on construction sites.