TIG Welding: Attractive Seams, High-Quality Connections


In the coming months, Fronius will be focusing on tungsten inert gas welding as a key communication topic. This “old” process produces seams with outstanding mechanical and technological properties.
Aluminum TIG Welding

Anyone wanting to TIG weld needs to be a master of their craft as the process requires welders to guide the welding torch with one hand, while the other hand applies the filler metal. This results in spatter-free and smooth weld seams. The process can also be carried out mechanically.

Due to the high quality of the seams, the tungsten inert gas welding process is used wherever the weld seam quality is the highest priority. For example, container construction for the food industry, or air and space travel.

The first blog article on the key communication topic of TIG is now online at blog.perfectwelding.fronius.com/en/tig-welding-top-quality-connections