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Virtual Welding for Specialist Training in Croatia


5/29/2019 / Zagreb, Croatia
Virtual welding minimizes training costs, avoids injury, and reduces the workload for teachers. This is why a Croatian team of experts is implementing virtual welding as a key component in an adult training program.
Fronius Virtual Welding Eurotehnika Croatia

Zeljko Habek, a teacher at a Zagreb school for vocational training, has developed the “S-K-S” (Skills-Knowledge-Stability) training program in collaboration with Fronius. This program should counteract the skills shortage and open up new perspectives for both novice welders and experienced welders alike. Virtual welding, i.e., simulating welding processes using virtual reality in order to improve manual skills, plays a key role here. The training system provides the user with welding feedback via optical signals and reduces the workload for teachers. In addition, virtual welding as good as eliminates the risk of injury and helps to conserve materials.

Habek used the Virtual Welding system from Fronius to develop his training program. Croatian Fronius sales partner Eurotehnika and employees from Fronius International provided support with research activities. Roughly 500 students and 100 experienced welders were involved in this project.

At the start of the year, Zeljko Habek and his project partner from Eurotehnika had the opportunity to present Fronius Virtual Welding to Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović. Furthermore, the Zagreb school for vocational training showcased Virtual Welding at the CRAFT trade fair in Zagreb in April, where over 5,000 students showed an interest.

The project was funded by the European Leonardo Da Vinci program for vocational training. As part of the “Erasmus +” program, the EU also provided support with the design of the associated platform,, which aims to provide those interested with information on the welding profession and to encourage them to choose this career path.

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