Perfect Welding

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Perfect Welding

Fronius Virtual Welding: The Perfect Combination of Theory and Practical Experience

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Welding is a skill that requires a lot of practice. For this reason, virtual reality welding training in the Fronius welding simulator are the ideal way to safely and affordably learn the complex processes, all while conserving resources. Another unbeatable benefit is that virtual welding can be easily integrated into your industrial training experience, meaning you can learn to weld straight away.
Virtual Welding Theory and Practical
Virtual welding training on the simulator—as realisticas possible

Significantly Easier for All Training Staff: The Ready-To-Weld-Package

The Ready-To-Weld-Package is our complete package combining theory, knowledge testing, and practical experience. It consists of approximately 170 theoretical questions and over 70 predetermined welding training sessions and WPS (Welding Procedure Specifications). This sophisticated, didactic concept leads the trainee through the entire training program, resulting in effective welding training while easing the burden on training staff. 

This Package conforms to IIW-guidelines for welding training and makes it easy to perfect precise welding processes. Whether it is E-Hand, TIG, or MIG/MAG—our 2-in-1 package, combining theory and practical experience, is available for all standard welding processes. Equally, it is also possible to receive a personalized program, as the Fronius or DVS curricula can be easily tailored to meet your individual company requirements. It couldn’t be easier to learn to weld!

Upgrade for Top Performance from Older Virtual Welding Systems

With the Welducation Upgrade Kit, existing virtual welding systems 1.0 can also be technologically upgraded by simply replacing all of the core components. With their improved lenses, loudspeakers, and much more, the new 3D glasses can transform the virtual welding environment into reality. The enhanced capabilities of the higher performance PC-box also contribute to an even more immersive experience, which is particularly evident thanks to optimized simulation and faster operation. 

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