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Perfect Welding

Sequencing Ensures Error-free and Efficient Welding


With our new WeldCube Navigator software, there is now a digital welding sequence plan available for the TPS/i that guides the welder precisely and safely through the tasks involved in creating a component. The structured, uniform approach guarantees that all steps are completed correctly within the defined tolerances. This not only ensures high weld quality, but also saves time and costs during production. 
WeldCube Navigator

Another bonus is that new and less experienced employees can get comfortable with their tasks more quickly and efficiently with the digital welding sequence plan because they can easily follow the visualized step-by-step instructions on the screen. This helps to ensure that all welds are performed according to requirements and standards. Nothing is overlooked and the welding parameters are already preset. 

WeldCube Navigator’s guidance and job preset function also immediately alerts the welder if they deviate from the welding sequence plan. On seams that have been defined as safety-relevant, WeldCube Navigator automatically blocks any further welding until released by a welding supervisor, for example. Errors are neither repeated nor duplicated, but corrected immediately. 

WeldCube Navigator represents another important component in the Fronius software portfolio. Using the digital welding sequence plan, companies can pool expertise and welding skills and transfer them to all employees. Combined with WeldCube Premium’s central data documentation and analysis function or its central user management function, you can enhance the benefits for your company even further and unleash your full welding potential. 

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