Software Update for WeldCube Premium Adds New Functions


Fronius is releasing a new software version for its data documentation solution, WeldCube Premium. Release 2.3 will add new functions that will help the user to simplify the documentation and analysis of welding data. The new software can even help to optimize production processes.
WeldCube Software Update

The new WeldOptimizer function lists faulty parts and automatically displays the error rate. If the cost of each component has been entered into the system, the error costs are automatically calculated and displayed graphically. Using a statistics link, the WeldOptimizer quickly and conveniently provides a detailed data analysis.  The new function allows users to quickly analyzing the areas where production efficiency can be improved.

Also new in software version 2.3 is a comprehensive statistics and analysis function for machine faults. A variety of filter functions allow the user to create their own custom failure analysis reports. Machine fault reports covering several systems can be adapted to suit the requirement at hand and sent automatically by e-mail.


More information about WeldCube Premium can be found on our website.

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