Perfect Welding

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Perfect Welding

Effortless, Efficient TIG Welding


TIG welding is a true art and is considered to be the supreme discipline of joining processes. The new Fronius Artis lives up to its name, which is derived from the Latin “arte” for art. Whenever welds need to meet the highest standards both in terms of appearance and quality, this handy, lightweight, and compact device is ready with an uncompromisingly stable arc. In the DC power categories 170 A to 210 A, the Artis impresses with a range of functions that you would otherwise only expect from larger professional TIG devices. 

Robust, versatile and weighing just ten kilograms, the Artis is a reliable companion, whether you need flawless visible seams on stainless steel handrails and high-quality pipe connections, or precise applications in container and industrial plant construction. The new Fronius TIG systems focus on user-friendliness, reliability and energy efficiency, and of course the Artis offers all the popular functions of its predecessor, the Fronius TransTig. 

Impressive Complete TIG Package 

The simple rotary push button and clear, illuminated function display make operation easy. Eleven of the most important welding parameters can be selected directly on the display in no time and then things can get started. The adjustable pulsed arc ensures an outstanding seam appearance and plays to its strengths in tight spaces and with very thin materials. For recurring welded joints, the spot welding mode has proven its worth and allows welding spots to be spaced evenly. If you wish, you can set a freely selectable pause time and continue the work as stitch welding. The TAC function is ideal for precise tacking of components. This results in time savings of up to 50% and ensures that hardly any annealing colors are produced, which is a clear advantage for the seam quality when welding over the tacking points. 

In addition, the fully digitized Artis can be updated at any time, making it sustainable and even more flexible. System information can also be easily read out via the USB interface, which is positioned inside the housing so that it is protected. 

Energy Used Efficiently

The technology in the Artis ensures that the welding specialist can concentrate fully on the weld, regardless of voltage fluctuations. The sophisticated inverter technology reliably compensates for mains fluctuations of up to 30% and provides the maximum output power for the welding process. A constant four minutes of live arc is no problem for the intelligently controlled powerhouse. 

The integrated Power Factor Correction (PFC) ensures sinusoidal current consumption and makes effective use of the available power. Only the necessary amount of power is drawn from the grid. This saves energy and also gives you a large operating radius. Even with longer grid leads, there is no loss of power. It also improves generator suitability and acts as a surge protection device for up to 400 V. 

Electrode Welding Functions

With the electrode pulse mode, the Artis has an effective way of bridging bigger air gaps, working easily in tight spaces and reliably welding vertical seams. Another highlight is the perfect ignition behavior, which eliminates sticking and arc break. For optimal welding of cellulose electrodes, the precision welding machine has its own characteristics with high open-circuit voltage and ignition power. 

Long-life Thanks to Strict Endurance Tests 

All welding solutions from Fronius are designed to be robust and reliable. In daily use, they are intended to function reliably in tough situations including adverse weather and environmental conditions. They have to pass eight challenging endurance tests before leaving the factory. The internal Fronius standards are always significantly higher than the limit values required by law. The Artis has passed challenges of withstanding impacts and drops, moisture, cold and salt spray, and has been thoroughly shaken, exposed to fine metal dust, and subjected to a duty cycle test, all with the aim of ensuring that the hard shell will protect the sophisticated technology inside for many years to come.

You can find more details about the new Fronius Artis here.

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