Perfect Welding

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Perfect Welding

Clean stainless steel TIG welds and surfaces to perfection


The newest generation of Fronius MagicCleaner is now available in two models. This advanced electro-chemical cleaner delivers the perfect finish on stainless steel TIG welds and surfaces, helping welders meet the highest standards of aesthetics and hygiene. In addition to beautifully polished TIG welds, this robust machine can also mark workpieces with logos or serial numbers.

Strong temper colors in TIG welds can interfere with a clean visual appearance in areas such as architecture, commercial kitchens, or stainless steel swimming pools. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, discoloration can range from being a mere visual distraction to a quality defect to be avoided at all costs. The colors indicate the chromium oxide protective layer is not intact, which can be a starting point for corrosion or deposits.

With the MagicCleaner, it is easy to restore the protective layer over welds and stainless steel surfaces. Clean and passivate workpieces in a single step.  At just under 10 pounds, the lightweight MagicCleaner 150 (15 A output) is the perfect, portable companion for construction sites. Its big brother, the MagicCleaner 300, is ideal for more intense applications and for cleaning longer TIG welds. Delivering up to 30 A of performance, the MagicCleaner 300 weighs about 30 pounds, with a 1.8l cleaning fluid tank and patented compressed air blower. Both versions are easy to operate and supply the cleaning pad with electrolyte. This eliminates the need for dipping into open containers of cleaning fluid.

Precise and economical consumption 

With the MagicCleaner, the electrolyte solution is delivered exactly where it is needed. The included pads and brushes penetrate into corners and gaps, ensuring optimal cleaning with minimal use of materials. Electro-chemical cleaning is significantly more resource-efficient than conventional pickling in chemical baths and does not attack the material, as sandblasting does. Fronius also uses innovative inverter technology, making the devices lightweight and energy-efficient.

Three functions in one device: cleaning, polishing, and marking

On highly polished materials, weld seams shouldn’t just be clean, they should really shine. Achieving this could not be easier thanks to the “electro-chemical polishing” function. Direct current (DC) is used to brighten seams and make them shine in no time. But the MagicCleaner can do even more: company logos, item or serial numbers, and barcodes can be applied to stainless steel in black or white print. All that is needed is a suitably designed film and a special electrolyte solution. This is an excellent and cost-saving alternative to embossing, printing, or gluing.

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