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Perfect Welding

Exento Fume extraction torch and set

Exhaust torches protect welding professionals

Precision extraction directly where welding fumes are produced

Fume extraction torches and extraction sets eliminate welding fumes where they are produced. Welding fumes are detected before they are able to spread, which not only protects the welder, but also everyone in the vicinity.


During the development of fume extraction torches, particular attention should be given to the ergonomics. After all, the different size compared to conventional welding torches must not be detrimental to the health, safety, or performance of the welder.

Exento fume extraction torch

Exento fume extraction torch

High-performance and pinpoint extraction:

Exento fume extraction torches are the perfect complement to Exento HighVac systems. They meet the requirements of standard DIN EN ISO 21904-1 Health and safety in welding and allied processes.


  • Five different power categories:
    3x air-cooled and 2x water-cooled
  • Extraction capacity controlled directly on the handle
  • Four different user interfaces available:
    Up/Down, JobMaster, potentiometer, top torch trigger
  • LED light for welding in dark environments as well as for quality control
  • 1.3 m leather protection tube directly on the handle for perfect protection against high temperatures and welding spatter
  • Quick tester of the extraction capacity directly at the suction nozzle
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Welding fumes can be harmful to health, which is why Fronius believes in extracting the welding fumes directly at the point of origin – the welding torch. Thanks to fume extraction torches, the welder and their wider working environment are effectively protected against harmful emissions.
Exento extraction torches
 gas-cooled water-cooled
MTG 250i Exento
250 A 40% D.C.

MTW 300i Exento
300 A 100% D.C.

 MTG 320i Exento
320 A 40% D.C.
MTW 500i Exento
500 A 40% D.C.

MTG 400i Exento
400 A 30% D.C.


  • Compatible with every Fronius MIG/MAG welding torch – including the PushPull variants
  • Special geometry of the extraction nozzle for optimal fume capture without affecting the gas shield
  • Up/Down and JobMaster possible
  • Continuously adjustable extraction nozzle
  • LED light function may still be used, depending on the position of the extraction duct

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