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Perfect Welding
Building Bax Metaal

Bax Metaal B.V., The Netherlands Flexibility, efficiency, and quality in contract manufacturing

Bax Metaal focuses on the following areas: engineering, laser parts, composition, and finishing. The company, which is based in Bergeijk, the Netherlands, and employs 55 people is regarded as a reliable partner in the metal industry: “We work with our customers to create solutions for metal components – every order is different,” explains Mathijs Kox, Sales Director at Bax Metaal.

What´s your welding challenge?

Bax Metaal B.V.

Company location:
Bergeijk, Netherlands

Number of employees:
more than 55

Parts produced:
composite sheet metal and tubular constructions in stainless steel, steel and aluminum

Fronius machines used:
MIG/MAG: TPS320i, TransSteel 2700,3500
TIG: MagicWave230i, TransTig230i, TransTig170, MagicWave3000

Mathijs Kox from Bax Metaal

» Efficiency and quality are always our number one priority. Every six years, we invest in new systems so that we can meet these requirements. In the last six years, we have used Fronius systems and there is no doubt that we will continue to use the latest Fronius technology in the coming six years too. «

Mathijs Kox, Sales Director at Bax Metaal


A huge metal is welded
In the composition business segment, the contract manufacturer constructs customer parts for composite sheet and tubular constructions. Every order is different: stainless steel, steel, and aluminum are used – in different material thicknesses. Bax Metaal also has to work with extremely strict customer requirements in regard to quality, time, and costs. To ensure the necessary high standards are met during production, premium welding technology is an essential part of their high-quality equipment.


A welder at work

Bax Metaal relies on robotic welding technology from Fronius, both for large volumes and for small quantities. Manual welding also plays a significant role. For MIG welding, the Fronius TPS 320i, TransSteel 2700, and TransSteel 3500 devices are used. For TIG welding, Bax Metaal turns to the TransTig 170/ 230 and the MagicWave 230i/ 3000.

Anton Bax and the Dutch Fronius representative EQIN have been trusted partners since 2014. During these six years, the company has valued the reliability and stability of Fronius welding technology, which is why, in 2020, Bax Metaal invested in another 28 Fronius welding systems.

Fronius products used

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