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Perfect Welding

Welding technology from Fronius increases cost effectiveness at Hanser Gastechnik

Hanser Gastechnik GmbH, Austria

Hanser Gastechnik GmbH based in Kramsach, Austria, is a specialist in oil and gas systems as well as heating and sanitation technology. The family company has a team of 18 employees and was founded in 1991 by Bernhard Hanser. Today the firm is managed by his son, Roland Hanser.
Hanser, Fronius


Fronius International GmbH

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Roland Hanser, Managing Director of Hanser Gastechnik GmbH’s Plant division

“Most customers are astonished when they first see the weld seams that we’ve produced using the MAG process. They find it hard to believe that such a clean weld seam was produced manually using a metal shielding gas rather than by a machine.”


In addition to TIG manual and cold wire TIG welding, MAG welding processes are increasingly being used in pipeline, apparatus and container construction. This versatile joining technology makes it possible to weld particularly efficiently in difficult positions. By selecting suitable welding systems, companies can further optimise the results and save a considerable amount of time and money.

“For us, Fronius is and will remain the perfect partner for all aspects of welding technology. Together we can increase the cost effectiveness and level of know-how of our company even faster. This means that we are geared up and ready to accomplish our present tasks and those that will come along in the future.” Roland Hanser, managing director of Hanser Gastechnik GmbH’s Plant division


Hanser Gastechnik GmbH depends on the modern TPS/i MIG/MAG power source in the production of special solutions and batch products. With a far higher welding speed compared to the TIG process, the company benefits from a particularly cost-effective and energy-efficient way of welding that produces an excellent weld seam appearance. Customised characteristic variants for typical applications, such as LSC Root (Low Spatter Control Root), help to locate the correct parameters. Fronius also guarantees a prompt supply of spare parts and shares its extensive know-how with Hanser Gastechnik to facilitate the introduction to new applications and new techniques.