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Perfect Welding

MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A. Switzerland Top class track-laying machines

The company, which began manufacturing construction and maintenance machines on the banks of Lake Geneva in 1945, has become a respected name in the industry thanks to the reliability of its machines.

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MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A.

Company head office:


Great Britain

Production of:
Premium quality track construction and maintenance machinery

Fronius products in operation:
TPS 450
TPS 4000 / 5000
TPS 400i
ArcRover 22

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» Powerful and reliable welding technology in combination with seamless service helps us to make optimum use of the tight production time available. For MATISA, it is also critical that an innovative and powerful premium manufacturer stands behind the devices, with a competent and fast-acting after-sales network… In Fronius, we have the right partner to ensure we are well-equipped for the challenges of today and the future. «

Christophe Cochard, International Welding Specialist (IWS)


MATISA is certified according to EN 15085, whereby the welding work performed on conventional structural steel (S355) is extensive and diverse. Ultimately, this accounts for around one third of the overall production time of a track-laying machine. Due to the nature of the task, the 50 metalworkers and welders are required to handle bogies and structures with an extreme sheet metal thickness of up to 200 millimetres, whilst overall weld seam lengths of several hundred metres are entirely realistic. Each chassis must conform to a geometric dimensional record with highly restricted tolerances. The necessary penetration depths, frequently of up to 25 millimetres, are strictly monitored through ultrasonic and magnetic testing.

In order to avoid out-of-position welding and undesirable deformation, the chassis to be joined are clamped onto rotating position regulators.


In order to satisfy the extreme demands that apply in high performance welding, MATISA has been using premium welding systems and other solutions from Fronius since the start of the 1990s. These include older equipment generations such as TPS 450 and TPS 4000 / 5000 as well as more recently also the intelligent high-tech power source TPS 400i.

Because it is repeatedly necessary to produce extensive longitudinal seams on the oversized components, MATISA also uses automated Fronius welding systems. The Swiss company considers the ArcRover 22 to be a perfect solution, in particular for the many meters of weld seams that have to be produced. This is a battery-powered longitudinal travel carriage with a permanent magnet. The optional oscillation enables radial oscillation for fillet and butt welds to fill the joint width in the extreme sheet thickness range.

Fronius products used

TPS 400i
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    Robust touch display
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    High quality range of burners
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    Welding packages – available as upgrade options at any time
Find out more about the TPS 400i
ArcRover 22
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    Compact, robust and lightweight aluminium housing
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    Ideal for use under tough environmental conditions
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    Powerful lithium-ion battery
Find out more about the ArcRover 22

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