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Perfect Welding

Wind turbine specialist increases productivity using the CMT welding process

Metalldesign Magdeburg GmbH, Germany

Metalldesign Magdeburg GmbH specialises in processing aluminium. At peak times, the company produces up to 15 aluminium claddings for wind turbine halls per week. The welding professionals rely on innovative technologies and high quality standards in workpiece production.
Metalldesign Magdeburg, CMT, Fronius

Jörg Weise, Welding Engineer at Metalldesign Magdeburg GmbH

“In aluminium welding, the faster the process, the better. A high welding speed helps minimise welding heat, which in turn limits deformation and distortion.”
Jörg Weise, Metalldesign Magdeburg


Competition among wind turbine manufacturers is constantly growing, which is why the company needs to improve the efficiency of its production methods. Process-optimised systems for manual and automated welding play a central role here.

“Thanks to the combination of CMT and pulse welding, we benefit from a controlled heat input and the high process stability that CMT offers.” Jörg Weise, welding engineer at Metalldesign Magdeburg GmbH


Metalldesign Magdeburg has been putting its trust in Fronius welding systems for years. The heart of the production process is a robot-controlled double cell welding system equipped with a Fronius CMT power source. The “cold” CMT welding process achieves optimum results when joining different materials, the world’s most stable arc and precision process control. Thanks to this technology the welding robot can weld aluminium sheets at a speed of up to 1.2 metres per minute. The built-in CMT power source allows the advanced cold metal transfer process to be combined with the conventional pulse welding process in the best possible way, leading to controlled heat input and high process stability. At Metalldesign Magdeburg, technology from Fronius significantly increases productivity and competitiveness.