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Perfect Welding
Building Moser AG

MOSER AG, Switzerland Dump trucks for tough construction site conditions

Moser AG with headquarters in Steffisburg, Switzerland, manufactures vehicle superstructures for trucks with a total weight of between 18 and 40 tons, which have to withstand enormous loads in tough construction site applications. 


MOSER AG, Steffisburg

Company headquarters:
Steffisburg Switzerland

~ 54

Manufacturing of:
Vehicle body superstructures for trucks

Fronius products used:
VarioSynergic 4000
VarioStar 457
TransSynergic 5000
TPS 500i

Process application:
TPS 500i:

  • PMC with PMC Universal
  • PMC Dynamic and PMC Mix characteristics
Stefan Rolli

» Speed and flexibility in manufacturing are crucial, especially in the current situation. By using the Fronius TPS 500i and its welding characteristics, we have significantly increased welding speeds in all key areas. At the same time, there has been a noticeable reduction in the amount of rework required on the welds. «

Stefan Rolli, operations manager at MOSER AG
Man welds


Numerous vehicle superstructures from MOSER AG are based on modern welded composite constructions that require a combination of lightness and strength. Particular attention is paid to flawless welds in the load-bearing components such as the dumper substructure or the subframe. S355 construction steel, steels from S690 to S700, Hardox 450, and aluminum sheets are welded – all in various sheet thicknesses.

To withstand the high loads of the superstructures, many welds are welded with a root pass and up to two final runs. In addition to fillet welds, butt welds – with and without an air gap – are frequently used. The welders at MOSER AG are often faced with difficult vertical-up and overhead welds, referred to as “out-of-position welding”. To fully comply with the requirements of the WPS (Welding Procedure Specification), profound craftsmanship is needed to balance torch position, welding speed and welding quality as best as possible.

To significantly increase production speed, the experts at MOSER were looking for a way to further improve the already high efficiency of the welding work. The goal was to increase welding speeds without any quality loss while avoiding time-consuming rework by significantly reducing welding spatter.

Man welding close-up


After extensive tests, MOSER decided to purchase our TPS 500i welding systems in combination with the innovative Pulse Multi-Control characteristics PMC Universal, PMC Dynamic and PMC Mix. They all feature a particularly stable, dynamic, and low-spatter pulsed arc. With their stabilizers and correction parameters, they allow the Swiss company to reach previously unattainable welding speeds while maintaining high welding quality with low spatter. Lower spatter means less seam cleaning work and overall shorter production times. 

With PMC Mix, vertical-up seams can be welded without the usual oscillating motion. This results in a time saving of up to 40%.

Welding professionals often use PMC Dynamic for horizontal fillet welds. This characteristic delivers a dynamic arc with high pressure and concentrated focus. "Your advantage: low-distortion welding results thanks to high welding speeds and low energy input." You also save valuable resources such as gas, filler metal, and work hours.

All TPS 500i welding systems are equipped with lightweight JobMaster PullMig welding torches. These water-cooled torches have small electric motors inside the handle to ensure the welding wire feeds smoothly through the 10 meter-long hosepack.

With the “EasyJob” JobMaster setting, welding specialists can save up to five welding jobs as “favorites” directly on the torch and then quickly and conveniently call up the desired job. This not only makes everyday work more convenient, but also more efficient, because in many cases the – often long – trip to the welding system is not necessary.

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