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Valid as of January 2020

1. Scope and information disclosure 

1.1 Use of FRONIUS Central User Management is solely governed by these Terms of Use.

1.2 By accepting the offer or using the software, the User accepts the version of these Terms and Conditions of Use that is valid at the time of use.

1.3 The Terms of Use can be viewed at at any time and are available to download in PDF format. A clear reference/link to the present Terms of Use can be found on the homepage of our internet platform.

1.4 We are FRONIUS International GmbH, Froniusstraße 1, 4643 Pettenbach, Austria, Company No. 149888z at Steyr Commercial Register Court, telephone +43 7242 241-0, fax +43 7242 241-3940,, Our registered offices: Pettenbach, our sales tax ID: ATU52614407, our chamber affiliation: Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, the purpose of our company: Production and sale of products in the Perfect Welding, Solar Energy and Perfect Charging Business Units. Regulations applicable to us include, in particular: The Trade, Commerce, and Industry Regulation Act 1994 [Gewerbeordnung], which can be viewed at Our supervisory authority pursuant to the E-Commerce Act [E-Commerce-Gesetz - ECG]: Kirchdorf an der Krems District Authority.

2. Using FRONIUS Central User Management

2.1 FRONIUS Central User Management is the name of the software for the central management of users of FRONIUS welding systems and software applications. It is used with defined welding systems manufactured by FRONIUS and is a server-based software that is installed on a customer system. The product is installed and operated in the IT environment and under the responsibility of the customer in question. Detailed system requirements applicable to the customer system are communicated with each Central User Management offer issued by FRONIUS and are regarded as prerequisites for successful installation.

2.2 FRONIUS Central User Management is used for the central management of users, key cards/passwords, and roles and permissions for FRONIUS welding systems and software applications. Tasks such as creation, assignment, blocking, deletion, modification and distribution can be performed quickly and easily.

2.3 The User can access and make use of the functionalities of FRONIUS Central User Management via a browser. For optimal display and full functionality it is recommended to use the latest browser version. Older browsers that do not meet current security standards may no longer be supported by newer versions.

2.4 Delivery of the software will take place as part of a site visit by a FRONIUS employee or an employee of a sales partner, who will support or carry out the installation and commissioning on site.

3. Availability of FRONIUS Central User Management

FRONIUS Central User Management is available for the following FRONIUS products/solutions:

/ TPS/i

/ TT/i

/ MW/i

/ WeldCube Premium

4. Requirements for use of FRONIUS Central User Management

4.1 To be able to use FRONIUS Central User Management, all the welding systems concerned must be permanently networked. 

4.2 FRONIUS is not responsible for ensuring that the User's IT infrastructure is suitable for running FRONIUS Central User Management.

4.3 For licence management purposes and to ensure trouble-free operation including online updates, a permanent or at least occasional online connection to the FRONIUS update servers and licence management system is essential.

4.4 Undertaking on the part of the customer:

/ During the installation/commissioning process, the relevant IT administrators for the customer must be available to the FRONIUS technicians at all times.

/ The customer must observe the necessary system prerequisites for Central User Management communicated with the offer, and must implement the requirements described therein PRIOR TO installation/commissioning.

/ All welding systems must be networked prior to commissioning of the solution.

4.5 To minimise support-related travel costs, it is recommended that a VPN connection be established to the customer's FRONIUS Central User Management software. If this is not made available, all travel costs incurred in providing support services will be charged to the customer. FRONIUS will decide which technician from which site will travel to the customer's premises.

4.6 Digital Solution Remote Support (remote access)

To minimise travel costs, support services for FRONIUS Central User Management can be provided remotely, if it is possible and/or advisable to deal with the issue in this way (decision will be taken by the FRONIUS TECHNICIAN).

Access to the affected software solution at the Customer’s site via VPN or screen transfer with or without remote control (TeamViewer, Skype) is absolutely necessary and must be ensured by the Customer.

For longer and/or scheduled Digital Solution Remote Support (remote access) operations, a prior appointment must be made with the technician carrying out the work.

Digital Solution Remote Support (remote access) operations are billed on an hourly basis according to the work actually done. The current price as stated in the FRONIUS price list valid at the time of the work will be used. The hourly rate does not cover any promises of availability and/or defined response times or speeds of response.

/ FRONIUS does not guarantee that Digital Solution Remote Support (remote access) will replace on-site intervention. This may still be necessary for certain issues and/or in addition to Remote Support (remote access). Any additional costs must be settled by the Customer.

5. Updates for FRONIUS Central User Management

5.1 Updates for FRONIUS Central User Management will be provided intermittently, such as in particular:

/ Additional functionality

/ New functions of the basic software

/ Bug fixes 

Subject to 6.3, the User expressly consents to all forms of update without separate agreement. 

5.2 To ensure trouble-free online updates, a permanent or at least occasional online connection to the FRONIUS update servers and licence management system is essential.

6. Fee model 

6.1 The FRONIUS Central User Management software will be made available to the User in its capacity as the licensee, and transferred for use (licensed), not sold. The User shall receive the non-transferable, exclusive right to use FRONIUS Central User Management in accordance with these Terms of Use. The licensor shall retain all other rights to FRONIUS Central User Management. 

6.2 Central User Management software licence

The FRONIUS Central User Management software licence provides an instance of the basic software scope for the central management of users and roles for TPS/i welding systems and/or WeldCube Premium installations, to be installed for use on a (physical or virtual) device including 20 associated Client Access licences. 

6.3 Annual flat fee (software subscription) for software maintenance

All costs of updates to the Central User Management software licence are covered by the annual flat fee for software maintenance. In addition, the software subscription entitles the subscriber to use Central User Management's web API.

In the event of non-payment of the annual flat fee, none of the updates listed will be provided and the API cannot be used. The annual fee will be charged automatically by FRONIUS, unless the customer gives written notice of cancellation at least 6 weeks prior to the billing date.

The annual software subscription can only be purchased locally.

6.4 Further Client Access licences

Where there are more than 20 welding systems, further Client Access licences in addition to the Central User Management software licence are required, and will be installed for each further system that is to be networked with FRONIUS Central User Management. Each additional Client Access licence is charged on a one-off basis.

6.5 Service and support services

FRONIUS offers additional services and support for commissioning, training and after-sales support.

6.6 Other licensing models and billing variants are possible.

7. Restrictions

7.1 Subject to any additional rights of FRONIUS, the User is forbidden, in particular, to 

7.1.1 use equipment, special features, properties, functions, and characteristics of FRONIUS Central User Management in any way other than as prescribed in these Terms of Use;

7.1.2 publish, duplicate, clone, copy or otherwise reproduce, rent out, lease, lend or otherwise transfer or pass on FRONIUS Central User Management, except for the permitted creation of a backup copy;

7.1.3 carry out, arrange or tolerate the bypassing of technical restrictions or limitations of FRONIUS Central User Management;

7.1.4 attempt, arrange or tolerate the decompilation, disassembly or other unauthorised use of the source code of FRONIUS Central User Management, beyond the legally permitted exceptions;

7.1.5 perform any reconstruction (reverse engineering) of FRONIUS Central User Management;

7.1.6 use internet-based applications, features, properties, functions and characteristics of FRONIUS Central User Management for the purpose of gaining unauthorised access to data, customer accounts or networks or use them in any other improper manner; or

7.1.7 use FRONIUS Central User Management in any way other than as expressly indicated in these Terms of Use.

8. Data privacy

Our data privacy statement can be viewed at at any time and is available to download in PDF format. The data privacy statement forms an integral part of these provisions.

Through the applicable configuration and use of FRONIUS Central User Management, the User is able, under certain circumstances, to draw conclusions as to the actions of individual users of FRONIUS Central User Management itself and the actions of individual users on the welding systems. Within this context, and within the context of using FRONIUS Central User Management in general, the customer is solely responsible for compliance with the GDPR and other laws and directives pertaining to data protection.

The usage pattern in FRONIUS Central User Management is recorded and evaluated in anonymised form, in some cases with the aid of software from third-party providers. The customer's consent to this is granted through acceptance of the Terms of Use on installation and through operation of the power sources and software.

FRONIUS is obliged to keep secret all knowledge of the Customer’s trade secrets obtained within the scope of this contractual relationship and/or during on-site service operations or via remote access.

9. Beta software disclaimer for FRONIUS Central User Management

9.1 Beta software is an unfinished version of a computer program. Beta software is still at the testing and development stage and has not yet undergone final checks. Consequently, it may still contain many and/or serious errors.

9.2 We will supply beta software to you (as user, customer or otherwise) only at your express request.

9.3 If anything is unclear regarding use of the beta software, particularly concerning any associated risks typical for this type of contract, you must contact FRONIUS before using it for the first time, otherwise you may not use the computer program. By downloading or using beta software in any way, you confirm that you are fully aware of the (contract-typical) risks and that you accept them. At the same time, you expressly agree that this beta software disclaimer and our General Terms of Delivery and Payment – which can also be found at – form an integral part of the contract between you and FRONIUS.

9.4 Beta software is provided to you as-is for use exclusively with FRONIUS products. Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, you may not derive any rights or obligations to the detriment of FRONIUS therefrom. In particular, FRONIUS is under no obligation to undertake further development (updates etc.), error analysis or correction of the beta software, or to supply further (beta) software.

9.5 FRONIUS hereby expressly excludes any form of liability, warranty or guarantee for the beta software that is made available. We shall only accept unlimited liability for damage, of whatever kind, to the extent that you prove that we ourselves brought about this damage either knowingly and wilfully or through gross negligence. Our liability in such cases is limited to the total order value of the FRONIUS device with which the beta software was used. In the event of minor negligence, we shall be liable only for personal injury within the framework of the mandatory statutory requirements. Liability ceases 6 months after you became aware of the damage and the party who caused it.

9.6 The exclusion of liability also extends in particular to lost profits, indirect losses, business interruptions, loss of interest, missed savings, loss of information, data, programs and their recovery, disadvantages due to malicious software (viruses, etc.), any kind of consequential and pecuniary losses as well as other disadvantages or losses caused in connection with the use of the beta software by the User himself or third parties. You may not assert any claim against us even if the device used with the beta software can no longer be used at all or if FRONIUS informed you of a possible disadvantage or loss beforehand.

9.7 If you are not the party who actually uses the beta software, you must verifiably transmit and provide this information or this document to the user of the beta software.

10. General disclaimer and reference to intellectual property

10.1 The information provided in our software has been carefully checked and updated at regular intervals. However, we cannot accept any warranty or liability for the completeness or accuracy of all the information at all times.

10.2 We do not accept any liability for links to other websites that are referred to either directly or indirectly. All such information may be modified, added to or removed without prior notice.

10.3 All rights to intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, patent rights and utility model rights, as well as other know-how, such as in particular unprotected inventions, industrial experience, trade secrets and similar, shall be granted exclusively to us or our licensors, irrespective of the point at which they are disclosed to the User. The User receives the right to use the software exclusively for its own purposes, within the scope of the number of licences acquired. Under the present contract, the User merely receives permission to use the work. Distribution by the User is excluded under the Copyright Act [Urheberrechtsgesetz].

10.4 The User is not entitled to duplicate the Operating Instructions. The accessible content (particularly texts and images, etc.) may not be copied, distributed, linked to or otherwise made publicly accessible – including in part or in revised form – without our consent.

10.5 FRONIUS does not guarantee that the licensed software solution will meet the customer's requirements or that it will be free of errors and run without interruptions. The risk as regards the satisfactory quality, performance and accuracy of the software will be borne by the customer.

10.6 FRONIUS accepts no responsibility for errors resulting from improper use of the software. Performance problems that result from integration with other systems, programs, applications or databases or can be attributed to changes to the software, accidents, negligence or any other reasons outside the scope of normal use are the customer's responsibility.

10.7 The following also applies when using the Digital Solution Remote Support service (remote access):

The Customer shall itself take care to ensure that a current data backup is carried out in a suitable format before the remote service begins.

The Customer is obliged to take suitable protective measures according to the current state of the art to prevent any impairment of data by computer viruses or similar phenomena liable to render the data unusable.

The Customer must instruct members of its staff who are authorised to request and enable remote access as to when such access may be activated. FRONIUS is not responsible where remote access is enabled and realised by an unauthorised employee of the Customer or for a fault for which the Customer does not request remote service. Any resulting costs must be settled by the Customer.

When requesting/enabling remote access, the Customer is obliged to ensure that the person for whom remote access is enabled is actually an authorised FRONIUS employee.

In the context of the work to be carried out, by requesting and/or enabling remote access, the Customer expressly consents to FRONIUS accessing the data of the Customer and the software application(s) concerned as necessary for the work. FRONIUS will make use of the granted access rights only to the extent that is absolutely necessary for the performance of the remote access, and any information thereby obtained will be treated confidentially.

Duty to cooperate: To enable smooth and efficient remote support, the Customer undertakes to participate actively in the support activity.

FRONIUS’s liability is confined to the period of time from data access until the connection is broken and is limited to intentional acts and gross negligence. The onus of proof rests with the Customer. FRONIUS does not accept liability for ordinary negligence, compensation for consequential losses, lost profit, actions on the part of its agents or losses arising from claims made by third parties against the Customer.

FRONIUS shall not be liable for losses attributable to actions of third parties or as a result of force majeure.

11. Applicable Law and dispute resolution/jurisdiction

11.1 All legal relations between us and the User as a business operator or consumer are governed by Austrian law, excluding conflict-of-law rules and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

11.2 In the case of transactions with users that are consumers, the courts at the domicile, habitual residence or place of employment of the consumer have jurisdiction if a law suit is brought against the consumer; the courts at the registered office of FRONIUS will have jurisdiction if a law suit is brought against FRONIUS. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for business users is Wels, Austria.

12. Severability clause

12.1 If any provisions of this contract are ineffective or unenforceable or become ineffective or unenforceable following conclusion of the contract, the effectiveness of the other provisions will be unaffected.

12.2 The ineffective provision shall be replaced by a provision that corresponds to the commercial intent of the contract.

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