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Perfect Welding
Welding process

Automated Welding with Fronius Welding Automation

Automating welding processes and increasing competitiveness

In these times of digitization and Industry 4.0, process optimization in production is the top priority. Companies have to deliver more and more output in flawless quality, while simultaneously working cost-effectively and efficiently. Automated welding systems with digital control technology and networked components not only ensure consistently high seam quality, they also significantly reduce production times.

The automation of welding processes allows commercial and industrial enterprises to become more competitive in sectors such as bridge construction, power plant construction, the oil and gas industry, energy supply, mechanical engineering, chimney construction, automotive engineering, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, pipeline construction, the food industry, rail vehicle construction, and yellow goods.


Quality from planning through to service all from a single source

Welding robot

Focus on the optimal welding result

Solutions providers for automated and mechanized welding require a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s internal processes. This is because every unnecessary working step creates unnecessary costs. Instead of this, component handling and welding processes need to be optimized in order to minimize the time and effort spent on preparation and reworking, and to save production time and consumables, always with the ultimate goal of achieving the perfect weld seam.

Fronius Welding Automation also relies on close cooperation and the professional implementation of projects. This ranges from planning to on-site commissioning, combined with global service, for the lifetime of the product.

Welding robot

Feasibility studies/test welds

Fronius assists you with the integration of automated welding systems right from the start. We carry out detailed studies on your behalf, with a focus on feasibility in terms of construction and welding technology, as well as commercial and technical aspects. The components undergo test welds as part of the feasibility studies conducted, so that we can select the most efficient welding technology.



Fronius can has a broad base of intelligent welding systems for any application. We use this to design a solution that is optimally tailored to your requirements, with a focus on intelligent workflows and optimal welding results at all times.

Planning work


From mechanized welding carriages through to fully automated robot cells: the Fronius product portfolio meets all requirements. During development, we select the suitable level of automation and the appropriate control unit, sensors and safety technology, among other things. Logical operating procedures, precise welding processes and perfect weld seams are what we aspire to.



We manufacture our welding systems according to strict specifications and standards for quality management (ISO 9001) and compliance engineering. This ensures that you can even reliably withstand extreme stress during the rigors of day-to-day work.

Employee shows the customer a product


All welding systems are commissioned, tested and optimized at Fronius before delivery. We also carry out preliminary acceptance on our premises. After that, we dispatch the system and install it at the installation location. We provide support for our customers during the initial phase in the form of expert training and process optimizations.



Our global partner network guarantees rapid on-the-spot service. In many cases, you benefit from flexible remote maintenance via the internet.

Precise interplay of software, power sources and components

Automated welding systems are like a high-tech orchestra of specialized components. Only when these work in perfect harmony do you get high-quality and cost-effective welding results.

If components such as columns, rotary tables or positioners are used, this is referred to as “hard automation.” Every detail counts here, from the feed-in of components through to the ignition of the arc. The intelligent and precise interplay of all modules involved in the welding process ensures a constant weld seam quality that can be reproduced at any time.

Welding splash
Software system controlling Software system controls
Welding machine Power source technology
Near-tracking Laser seam tracking
Display ArcView camera system
Conveyor belt Incoming and outgoing component transport
Clamping systems Tensioning systems
Display Intelligent services
Safety technology	Safety technology
Welding data documentation Welding data documentation

Standardized systems for top quality

Fronius Welding Automation has a wide selection of automated welding systems for longitudinal, circumferential and orbital welding.

Circumferential seam systems

Welding robot

Cladding systems

Welding process

That’s why thousands of customers worldwide opt for Fronius Welding Automation:

  • High quality standards as per ISO 9001 for engineering, project planning and production
  • Innovative arc technology and reproducible welding quality
  • Modern control and sensor technology
  • Intuitive ease of use for power sources, system controls and remote controls
  • Advanced, robust mechanical engineering
  • Worldwide service, expert training, calibration, upgrades, retrofit and other services
  • Long-term reliability and availability
  • Increased quality, faster production times, reduced costs

Customized systems

As a general contractor, Fronius Welding Automation has been developing individual complete solutions for complex tasks for over 40 years — from incoming component transport via the welding process through to outgoing component transport.


» Our customers see us as a reliable, innovative and quality-oriented partner that meets all expectations, from first contact through to on-site system service. Fronius Welding Automation delivers quality from a single source. For the lifetime of the product. «

Anton Leithenmair, Head of Fronius Welding Automation

Wagon walls

Waggon walls

Hydraulic cylinders

Welding process

Turbine shafts

Turbine shafts

Storage tanks

Storage tank

Welding automation solutions for your industry

The Fronius brand stands for innovation, expertise and cost-effectiveness across the world. Our automated welding systems are used in almost all industrial sectors. Whether it’s MIG/MAG, CMT, TIG, SpeedClad Twin, ArcTig, Plasma or LaserHybrid, we implement any welding process sustainably, cost-effectively and in top quality.

Welding splash
Power plant Oil and gas industry
Electricity pylons Energy supply
Power plant construction Power plant construction
Pipelines Pipeline construction
Truck Automotive engineering
Rack Bridge construction
Machine construction Mechanical engineering
Pipes Chimney construction
Plane Aircraft construction
Ship construction Shipbuilding
Machine Food industry
Train Rail vehicle construction
Yellow goods Yellow Goods

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