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Perfect Welding

CMT – cold metal transfer: the cold welding process for premium quality

Extremely low heat input and an exceptionally stable arc set CMT apart from conventional MIG welding. The Fronius CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) welding process allows users to achieve optimum results when joining different materials, for example steel and aluminum.

A wealth of welding benefits for the user

The digital process control detects a short circuit and then helps to detach the droplet by retracting the wire: during welding, the wire moves forward and is pulled back again as soon as the short circuit occurs. As a result, the arc only introduces any heat for a very brief period during the arc-burning phase. The short circuit is controlled and the current is kept low, resulting in a spatter-free material transfer. The arc length is detected and adjusted mechanically. The arc remains stable, no matter what the surface of the work piece is like or how fast the user welds. This means CMT can be used everywhere and in every position.

Diverse, highly interesting areas of application

CMT welding is ideal for joining steel and aluminum, as the galvanized steel plate is wetted by this braze-welded joint, while the aluminium melts. Furthermore, the CMT welding process is also suited to the virtually spatter-free brazing of hot-galvanized and electrolytically galvanized sheets with a welding wire made from a copper-silicon alloy. Minimal distortion of the galvanized sheet occurs and the light-gauge welding of aluminum sheets (from 0.3 millimeters) is also possible, whereby the low heat input eliminates the need for pool support. Equally impressive results are achieved when welding stainless steels and magnesium.

A CMT solution in the field

Embru benefits from CMT welding technology

Embru-Werke AG is a traditional, medium-sized furniture manufacturer. Headquartered in Rüti in the Swiss canton of Zürich, the company specializes in manufacturing high-quality furniture for offices, schools, medical facilities and nursing homes. Find out more