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Product Guide Fronius SnapINverters


Installing a Fronius SnapINverter is remarkably easy. All wiring takes place in the integrated connection area of the wall bracket. The compact, lightweight inverters of the Fronius SnapINverter generation have the required power electronics. They are simply hung in the wall bracket and swiveled in. In addition, the entire installation process can be carried out with normal tools. Please note the maximum torque of 3.5 Nm per connection terminal. 

Fronius Smart Meter

The Fronius Smart Meter visualizes the energy flow of the facility. We recommend installing the Fronius Smart Meter in series to the utility meter. In this scenario the Fronius Smart Meter is able to monitor the ingoing and outgoing energy flow of the facility. 

Product registration

Following a quick and free registration process at , owners of a Fronius product can select an attractive warranty model, depending on their region, that perfectly matches their individual requirements. Note! The product registration must be completed in 2 years after the system installation.

Fronius Sensors

With the Fronius Sensor Card / Box, up to six sensors for measuring irradiation, ambient temperature, module temperature, wind speed, etc. can be integrated into the Fronius system monitoring package. Even when measuring irradiation levels and module temperature, you can quickly identify anomalies in the system output to keep performance at a consistently high level. You can choose between a box and a card.  Product details

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