Perfect Welding

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Perfect Welding

Step by step to the desired welding quality


Error-free and efficient welding—Fronius WeldCube Navigator makes it a breeze thanks to its integrated guidance function, illustrated step-by-step instructions, and fixed welding parameters that can be set in advance. Paired with WeldCube Navigator, both the TPS/i and iWave become perfectly coordinated weld sequencing systems. In combination with the Dual Wire Feeder, welding specialists can also access two different wire spools in no time. Those looking to experience the ease of use and quality results for themselves can use the trial version to test the new Navigator software obligation-free.
WeldCube Navigator iWave

Errors happen; that’s just part of being human. But faulty welded joints in the manufacturing process can result in massive costs and have a negative impact on overall productivity and quality. In this context, weld sequencing is an effective solution for quality assurance and a proven means of countering the increasing shortage of skilled workers. 

Preventing welding errors in the production process right from the start saves time, money, and resources. “WeldCube Navigator is a great help in this sense,” says Anita Beck, strategic product management, industrial welding solutions at Fronius International GmbH. “The best welding sequence for the job is set as standard in the instructions editor. All workers—whether highly experienced or less so—follow the structured, uniform approach and complete the steps correctly within defined tolerances. This lets companies optimize their welding processes, reduce waste, and manufacture to a high standard of quality.”

Digital welding sequence: Here’s how it works

The WeldCube Navigator software shows the welder what to do next at the workstation. An extra screen displays each work step for a component in the correct sequence, and the welding parameters of the respective job are set automatically. The worker is guided through their jobs step by step. This makes it easy to maintain the correct welding sequence and ensure that the defined parameters are used.

Keeping an eye on quality—and errors under control

If the worker deviates from the weld sequencing, the system will immediately flag it. And if it detects a deviation (limit violation) in seams that have been defined as safety-relevant, welding cannot be continued until released by a welding supervisor. This means that errors are not repeated or duplicated, but corrected immediately.

Try WeldCube Navigator for free

The best way to experience the advantages of WeldCube Navigator is by using it. With the option to try the software free of charge in combination with the trial license for our welding systems, there’s nothing stopping you from testing the system in conjunction with the TPS/i, the iWave, or the Dual Wire Feeder in your own company. The ease of use is impressive in any case—whether that involves using digital versions of the work instructions in the editor, adhering to predefined tolerances, or reacting to limit violations on safety-critical seams. During welding itself, the welding specialist navigates conveniently through the welding job directly on the welding torch by selecting, confirming, and then moving on to the next step. 

iWave and TPS/i users can download the WeldCube Navigator software here or via their myFronius portal.

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