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Exento Mobile welding fume extraction system

Exento HighVac

Compact design, maximum protection:

Thanks to its particularly high filter quality, the Exento HighVac mobile high vacuum extraction system removes more than 99.9 % of captured welding fume particles, resulting in significantly lower welding fume exposure.


In combination with the powerful Exento fume extraction torch, the high vacuum system captures the welding fumes directly at the source. It is equipped with an extra large, vertically mounted filter cartridge, thereby ensuring particularly effective cleaning.

Product Exento HighVac

The advantage

  • High extraction capacity thanks to side channel blowers
  • Combines perfectly with Exento fume extraction torches
  • Automatic volumetric flow control
  • Intuitive, single-button operation, even while wearing gloves
  • Infinitely variable pre-selection of the extraction capacity for use with a wide variety of fume extraction torches
  • Extraction capacity monitoring


Suitable for

  • Continuous use
  • Welding torch extraction
  • Changing workplaces thanks to its compact design

Additional highlights

  • Large filter area
  • USB type A charging socket

Exento fume extraction torch

The Exento HighVac combines perfectly with Exento fume extraction torches and in doing so meets the EN ISO 21904-1 standard: Health and safety in welding and allied processes.
More about fume extraction torches

Compact design, maximum extraction capacity

With a floor area of approximately 60x60 cm, the Exento HighVac takes up minimal storage space in the hall or workshop. The compact design does not take away from performance: Depending on the model, extraction capacity can reach up to 170 m3/h. Cleaning is particularly effective thanks to the vertically mounted filter cartridges.


Optional extras

  • Automatic start/stop
  • Tool tray with cup holder
  • High vacuum extraction hose 2.5m/ 5 m/7.5 m/10 m
  • H13 exhaust air filter

Technical data Exento HighVac

  Exento HV 230V/EF Exento HV 400V Exento HV 460V Exento HV 600V
Mains voltage -10/+10 % 1x 230 V 50/60 Hz 3x 400 V 50/60 Hz 3x 460 V 50/60 Hz 3x 600 V 50/60 Hz
Motor power 1,5 kW/2,04 hp 2,2 kW/2,99 hp 2,2 kW/2,99 hp 2,2 kW/2,99 hp
Rated current 13 A 5,8 A 5,8 A 4,5 A
Max. extraction capacity 160 m³/h/94,17 cfm 170 m³/h/100,06 cfm 170 m³/h/100,06 cfm 170 m³/h/100,06 cfm
Max. vaccum 24.000 Pa/96,44 in wc 31.000 Pa/124,46 in wc 31.000 Pa/124,46 in wc 31.000 Pa/124,46 in wc
Noise level 75 dB(A) 77,9 dB(A) 77,9 dB(A) 77,9 dB(A)
Protection class IP 21
Dimensions l x b x h 627 x 594 x 1182 mm/24,7 x 23,4 x 46,5 in
Weight 65 kg/143,3 lb

Safety first:

The Exento LowVac mobile low vacuum extraction system protects users from welding fumes in an effective manner and is highly cost-effective thanks to its long service life.


It has a disposable filter with a particularly large filter area at 25 m2, which is replaced with a clean one when saturated.

The advantages

  • Less need to reposition the extraction arm thanks to flow-optimized design of the extraction hood
  • Increased safety thanks to the filter and phase monitoring
  • Optimum protection thanks to contamination-free filter replacement
  • Highly cost-effective thanks to large capacity and long filter service life


Suitable for

  • MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG welding
  • Regular use
  • Changing workplaces

Additional highlights

  • 360 degree rotatable extraction hoods with throttle valve
  • 25 m² filter area (upgrade to 42 m² possible)
  • Robust and stable design
  • W3/IFA-approved

Multiple application options

Whether it’s a MIG/MAG, TIG, or manual metal arc welding system, the mobile Exento LowVac plays to its strengths during all common welding processes thanks to the flexible extraction arm with flow-optimized extraction hood. The Exento LowVac extraction system is particularly suited for applications where fume extraction torches cannot be used, for example during manual metal arc welding.


Optional extras

  • Automatic start/stop
  • Workstation lighting, including an on/off switch for both the lighting and device on the extraction hood

Technical data Exento LowVac

  Exento LV 230V/EF Exento LV 115V/B Exento LV 230V/B Exento LV 400V Exento LV 460V Exento LV 600V
Mains voltage -10/+10 % 1x 230 V/50 Hz 1x 115 V/60 Hz 1x 230 V/60 Hz 3x 400 V/50 Hz 3x 460 V/60 Hz 3x 600 V/60 Hz
Motor power 1,5 kW/2,04 hp
Rated current 9,1 A 17 A 9,2 A 3,1 A 2,6 A 1,9 A
Max. extraction capacity 1.100 m³/h/647 cfm
Max. vacuum 2.250 Pa/9,04 in wc
Noise level 70 dB(A)
Protection class IP 21
Dimensions l x b x h 836 x 795 x 1169 mm/32,9 x 31,3 x 46,0 in
Weight 127 kg/280 lb

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