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Perfect Welding

TransSteel Compact

No matter what the welding task - MIG/MAG, TIG and electrode welding with just one device.

Whether a construction site or a workshop, from agricultural enterprises to metalworking companies – for assembly, repair, and maintenance work, the TransSteel Multiprocess series masters the MIG/MAG, TIG, and electrode welding processes to professional levels.
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The TransSteel 2200 is a compact, 3-in-1 solution. It is the first single-phase inverter power source from Fronius that is also multiprocess-capable, bringing together MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG in a single device. The TransSteel 2200 is characterised by the intelligent design of the device, ease of use, robustness and a high level of reliability. Weighing only 15.5 kg, it is also one of the lightest devices on the market.

Product details


Mains voltage230V
Mains voltage tolerance-20% / +15%
Mains frequency50-60Hz
Welding current min.10 A
Welding current max.230 A
Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40°C]210A / 30% MAG, 180A / 35% MMA, 230A / 35% TIG
Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40°C]170A / 60% MAG, 150A / 60% MMA, 200A / 60% TIG
Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40°C]150A / 100% MAG, 130A / 100% MMA, 170A / 100% TIG
Operating voltage min.14,5 V
Open-circuit voltage90 V
Degree of protectionIP23
560 mm
215 mm
370 mm
Weight15 kg
Weight16,2 kg
Weight incl. packaging19,1 kg
Interference emission classA


Power Factor (pf)0,99


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The TransSteel multiprocess series

No compromises. TransSteel multiprocess.

One device - for all manual welding applications

Combining MIG/MAG, TIG, and electrode welding in one device means you no longer have to purchase any other power sources. There is absolutely no difference in the welding performance of the respective process compared with a dedicated device.

118 characteristics*

/ Steel, CrNi, AlMg, AlSi, Metal Cored, Rutil FCW, Basic FCW, self-shielded wires

/ 0.8 – 1.2 mm wire diameter

/ Eight different gas mixtures

Ready to weld in three steps

The intuitive operating concept enables welders to start work straight away – no prior knowledge of the device is required. All the essential welding parameters can be viewed and adjusted on the front panel. The only parameters that have to be selected before welding begins are the gas, wire diameter and material thickness.

70% less rework, 30% faster welding

The Pulse function of the TransSteel 3000C permits faster welding speeds on thicker materials. The pulsed arc also reduces the amount of rework, as less welding spatter is generated.

* Maximum number of characteristics (TransSteel 3000 C Pulse), will vary depending on the version.

The MIG/MAG welding functions

Welding controlled and fast

The new TransSteel 3000C Pulse marks the arrival of the pulsed arc in the TransSteel series. The setting is simply selected from the main menu and facilitates controlled welding in the intermediate arc range.


Spot and Stitch
Welding with no material distortion

Spot mode enables you to place welding spots at regular intervals. As you have complete flexibility over the pause time between the intervals, spot welding is ideal for the tacking of workpieces. Stitch welding not only produces a rippled seam appearance, the low level of heat input reduces any possible material distortion when working with light gage sheets.

Special 4-step
Mode for a more stable arc

The “Special 4-step mode” is particularly suitable for welding in the higher power range. In special 4-step mode, welding starts at a lower power, which makes the arc easier to stabilize.


Seam rippling for aluminum alloys

The “SynchroPulse” option is recommended for the welding of aluminum alloys when a rippled seam appearance is required. This effect is achieved by modifying the welding power between two operating points.


! SynchroPulse works in Standard Synergic and Pulse Synergic Mode – but only on the TransSteel 3000C Pulse

Steel transfer technology

/ Steel is the universal characteristic for quick and easy welding applications.

/ Steel root is the characteristic specifically developed for root pass welding. It is characterized by particularly strong gap-bridging ability, in other words, the ability to fill wide gaps.

/ Steel dynamic is a characteristic with a particularly hard and concentrated arc, resulting in high welding speeds and deep penetration.


/ PCS (Pulse Controlled Spray Arc) characteristics* facilitate a combination of intermediate and spray arcs – the result is deep penetration with minimal spattering.


* TransSteel 3000C Pulse

Corrections during welding

The arc length correction and arc-force dynamic welding parameters can be used to optimize the welding result.

Arc length correction
To change the arc characteristic

 shorter arc, reduced welding voltage
o neutral arc
+ longer arc, increased welding voltage

Arc-force dynamic
For influencing the short-circuiting dynamic at the instant of droplet transfer

 hard, stable arc
o neutral arc
+ soft, low-spatter arc

Pulse correction
For correcting the pulse energy of pulsed arc

Slower droplet detachment force
o neutral droplet detachment force
higher droplet detachment force

The TIG welding functions

Pulse welding

Pulse welding is primarily used for out-of-position welding or when welding especially thin materials. The pulse setting range is from 1 Hz to 990 Hz.

Tacking function

The weld pool is made to oscillate by means of pulse currents. This makes it easier to tack components together and reduces the tacking time. The pulsed arc facilitates the process with very thin materials, since the temperatures are slightly lower in the phases with less current.

  • Time saving of up to 50% for the usercompared to conventional tacking
  • Fast tacking points without burning off the edges
  • Minimal temper coloration at the tacking points
  • Spot function

Touchdown ignition

The highly accurate touchdown ignition is on a par with high frequency ignition and contributes towards user-friendliness.

Gas pre-flow time + Gas post-flow

TransSteel automatically calculates the duration of the optimal gas post-flow time according to the set welding current. This improves the gas shield of the weld seam end and tungsten electrode.

The MMA welding functions

Anti-stick function
prevents sticking of the electrode

If a short circuit occurs (electrode sticking during electrode welding), the welding process is switched off immediately. This prevents electrode burn-out and/or serious weld seam faults.

Hot start function
when igniting the arc

In order to make the electrode easier to ignite, the current is increased for a split second during ignition on the power source.

Arc-force dynamic
Seam rippling for aluminum alloys

If basic electrodes are welded with coarse droplet material transfer at a low current (underloaded), there is a risk of sticking. To rule this out, more current is supplied for fractions of a second just before sticking. The electrode burns free, preventing sticking.

Welding torch with additional functions configurable


The patented interface

The patented Multilock interface allows you to configure the MIG/MAG welding torch* according to the task in hand. The wide choice of torch bodies in terms of their lengths and angles enables even difficult to access parts to be welded without any problem. In case of doubt, the best alternative is a flexible torch body.

* Standard and Up/Down welding torches.

TIG Multi-Connector

Additional functions for multiprocess

The TransSteel is a genuine multiprocess power source, so also offers a connection for TIG welding torches with additional functions – the TIG Multi Connector (TMC). This enables Up/Down welding torches to be used for TIG welding as well.


Fronius System Connector

The Fronius System Connector (FSC) is the central connector for all media and enables a variety of different welding torches to be connected.

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