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Safety inspections


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Electrical inspection of welding systems

The safety inspection or electrical inspection is a mandatory measure that is stipulated by occupational health and safety. The aim of the inspection is to protect people from the dangers of electrical current. The employer must ensure that the inspection is carried out at regular intervals.

Inspection scope

The inspection by our Fronius technicians includes the following steps:

/ Cleaning (internal cleaning of the device, removal of metal dust)

/ Visual inspection (condition, damage, labels, fuses, etc. )

/ Mechanical inspection (housing, covers, mounting, cables, etc.)

/ Electrical safety check (measurements according to IEC 60974 - 4)  Germany: section 5 of the DGUV Vorschrift 3, Austria: ÖVE/ÖN 8701-1, Switzerland: SR 832.30 section 32b

/ Check for correct functioning (manufacturer's specifications or state of the art)

Labeling with a test label

The label is affixed to the successfully tested welding system and includes the date that the inspection was completed (month/year).

When and how often does a welding system need to be inspected?

Electrical systems must be checked by an electrician before initial commissioning and after any changes or repairs prior to the machine being operated again. Generally speaking, the equipment must also undergo repeat testing every five years. We carry out the first inspection ex works in combination with a calibration.

Minimum interval for welding systems

In the case of usage in underground mining or in a harsh environment with multi-shift operation. In the case of usage in underground mining or in a harsh environment with multi-shift operation.
Electrical systems in "particular production sites, rooms, and systems" must be tested annually, e.g., industrial companies with a harsh environment, wet rooms, construction sites, medical areas, and in combination with high usage (every day or several times per week).
In the case of usage in underground mining or in a harsh environment with multi-shift operation.

Inspection scope

What is our recommendation as a manufacturer?

We recommend carrying out the safety inspection of your welding systems annually in the course of maintenance. This gives our technicians the opportunity to focus extensively on the device and even identify user errors during visual inspections. The combination of maintenance, calibration, and electrical inspection provides cost benefits and allows you to take advantage of the know-how of our highly trained technical specialists. Get a customized offer for your fleet of welding systems.

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