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Perfect Welding

PROTECH Sp. Z O.O. Automated production transforms a small-scale enterprise into a modern, mid-sized company

Metal fabricator PROTECH specializes in vessel and container construction. Yet the company had an eye for growth right from the start: Production was therefore organized in a diverse manner, and new lines of business acquired – such as the production of truck frames and the construction of ventilation systems. The company also entered into some joint ventures with the shipbuilding industry.

What´s your welding challenge?

ProTech SP. Z O.O.

Company headquarters:
Zator, Poland



General industry

Welding processes:

  • TIG
  • LaserHybrid

Process variants/welding packages:

  • PMC

Fronius products in use:

  • TPS 500i
  • LaserHybrid + TPS 500i
  • TPS 400i/ TPS 400i + double head system
  • TPS 320i
  • TransSteel 2200
  • MagicWave 3000
  • TransTig 2500
  • TransTig 230i


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» Why did we choose Fronius? We attach great importance to machine quality and other solutions. When we enter into a new collaboration, we’re always looking for a long-term relationship. You either need luck when choosing a new partner, or you go straight to the suppliers at the top of the table. «

Piotr Słanek, Production Manager


Protech uses a broad range of materials, with steel and stainless steel to the fore. International clients oftentimes have stringent quality requirements, which is why there is now no alternative to the combination of manual, robot-aided and automated processes. Protech therefore needs welding systems that can be used in both manual and robotic welding stations.

To fully satisfy its requirements, Protech also wanted to increase efficiency, which demanded a hike in welding speed and an improvement in weld quality. The selected systems also had to be extremely reliable.


PROTECH found its requirements satisfied by the extensive product portfolio of Fronius. The Polish metal fabricator therefore decided to convert its entire machine park over to Fronius welding technology. A diverse range of systems has been used ever since:

  • For some of its robotic welding stations, PROTECH opted for the TPS 500i. These systems are also equipped with the PMC welding package (Pulse Multi Control), which enables PROTECH to achieve ideal penetration – particularly in complex constructions with sometimes difficult-to-access welds in a wide variety of positions. High levels of welding productivity are also guaranteed
  • PROTECH uses the double head TPS 400i system for manual welding in container construction, an area where combined black-white joints (steel and stainless steel) occur very frequently. With both wirefeeders in one machine, it’s a simple matter for the welders to switch between the filler metals as required – without having to revert to a second power source
  • To achieve the highest levels of efficiency in terms of welding speed, together with the required high weld volumes, PROTECH also deploys the high-tech LaserHybrid robotic welding system. This technology is at present mainly used in the automotive sector – for example, in the manufacture of aluminum battery trays. The Polish metal fabricator uses LaserHybrid for exceptionally long welds in container construction. The process has proven to be extremely efficient, as it is also able to perform full penetration welding of thick sheets in a single layer. High welding speeds are guaranteed.
  • If it’s just a case of straightforward assembly work, the compact TransSteel 2200c is the system of choice in many cases, as the handy multiprocess device prepares the welders for any eventuality on the construction site.
  • There’s much more – see the overview

Fronius products used

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