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Business owners

Always on the move with Fronius EMIL

Starlim Spritzguss GmbH uses our innovative charging solution for its corporate fleet 

Energy efficiency is a top priority here

Starlim Spritzguss GmbH produces technical molded and multi-component parts and is the world market leader in processing liquid silicone. Solar power from the plant roofs and optimized ventilation and cooling systems keep electricity consumption as low as possible at this company based in Upper Austria. Self-produced solar energy is used for both production and for the company’s mobility: starlim drives electric cars and charges them with its own solar power from the roof. Fronius EMIL, our smart software solution for electric cars, provides a fully automated power supply for the entire corporate fleet – intelligently and individually harmonized with the company’s overall power consumption.

Refuel with smart solar power

Customized solution: starlim uses Fronius EMIL to conveniently charge and manage its entire corporate e-car fleet with just one charging solution. The company’s electric cars are always optimally networked and can be centrally monitored and managed selectively at all times via the browser – completely independent of their current location. No additional hardware is required for this, even for an unlimited number of charging points. That’s an impressive degree of flexibility.

» We’ve acquired a lot of electric cars, so we need a lot of charging stations. Since there was no suitable software to manage charging on the market, we chose Fronius EMIL and have been very happy with it so far. «

says engineer Hannes Jungmair, Global Facility Management at Starlim Spritzguss GmbH. 

It is also especially important to the company to ensure its electric cars are always available when they are needed. With Fronius EMIL, practical, individual priorities can be set during the charging process. This lets starlim charge its own corporate fleet of cars to precisely meet the needs of the company and its employees –  perfectly harmonized with their agenda to use surplus solar energy from the roof. And the best part: Fronius EMIL uses the company's existing infrastructure, is quick to install, and can also be used with a range of different wallboxes. 

Moving more, safely and reliably

Fronius EMIL ensures that the electrical power supply is not overloaded during operation and that no failures occur. Our software solution can be optimally adapted to operational power consumption and thus avoids high grid purchase costs and even load peaks. If the operational infrastructure is planned and designed with Fronius EMIL, the investment itself already brings substantial savings: We at Fronius work closely with the business to achieve this, guaranteeing we will find the best solution for our customers. This is yet another argument in favor of the Fronius EMIL, as Hannes Jungmair also confirms: “After having some points where we intersect with Fronius, contact was established early on in the pre-series phase and we were able to incorporate our ideas and plans into the development of EMIL.

As a result, Starlim Spritzguss GmbH benefits from a custom-tailored user management system that can be perfectly integrated into the mobile workday. Fronius EMIL documents each charging process, which provides the ideal basis for extensive reports and display options the company can use for things like internal billing.

The climate-friendly alternative

365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Production at Starlim Spritzguss GmbH operates around the clock, and the company's electricity consumption is correspondingly high. As a pioneer in sustainability, the company recognized the potential of solar energy early on and installed three PV systems on plant rooftops. With a module area of 8,400 m², the company generates 1.5 MWp of solar power per year. 

“Starlim aims to be a pioneer in energy efficiency in the injection molding industry. It is a constant challenge for the company to keep electricity consumption as low as possible,” explains Hannes Jungmair.

The results clearly show the company has so far managed this challenge with great success: Optimizing the ventilation and cooling system has cut electricity consumption in one production plant by a third, and two production sites are already being operated entirely with renewable energies. 

Efficiency and conserving resources are also a focus for Fronius EMIL. Our intelligent software solution is 100 percent developed and maintained in Austria, making it the perfect complement for the mobile energy transition of Starlim Spritzguss GmbH. 


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