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Perfect Welding

MIG/MAG Welding Torches For manual welding applications

The right welding torch for every application

From difficult to access components to remote job sites, welding torches from Fronius are designed to cover an extremely broad range of applications. Hosepacks up to 15 meters long and torch bodies of different lengths and angles make life easier for every welder, not to mention the remote control in the handle on certain models. Welders can count on the flexibility they need with Fronius – guaranteed.

The benefits

Long wearing part lifetimes

Each wearing part is designed and manufactured to deliver the longest service life and for optimal heat dissipation. For example, a high-quality copper alloy(CuCrZr) is used for the contact tips in order to extend their service life.

Long service life

Top-quality components maximize the service life of the welding torch. Outer tubes for the torch body made from stainless steel, high-quality hosepack components, power cables with maximum flexibility and a larger-dimensioned copper cross-section all ensure longer-lasting welding tools.


Despite the long service life of Fronius welding torches, faulty parts can be easily swapped out and repaired. A comprehensive range of roughly 40 replaceable spare parts on water-cooled manual welding torches allows sustainable management of your equipment pool.


The Multilock System leaves you with a wide choice of over 80 different torch bodies of different lengths and angles, affording the welder even greater flexibility. Torch bodies can also be produced to customer-specific requirements at lengths of up to 1.2 m and angles from 0-90°.

Technology & ergonomics

Optimized for professional use

Fronius welding torches represent the perfect symbiotic relationship between technology and ergonomics. The ergonomic handle with anti-slip components lies comfortably and securely in the hand, allowing the torch to be guided with ease. The ball joint and optimal weight distribution prevent fatigue during welding.

Jobmaster: Everything is under control

With JobMaster welding torches, the welder can use the remote control with color display integrated in the handle to get a quick overview of important welding parameters such as welding power, wire speed, and previously stored jobs, and can adjust them to the desired value. 

Exceptional accessibility

The right solution for every application

With a range of more than 80 different torch bodies available, the perfect combination of angle and length can be selected for components with challenging geometries. In addition, individual solutions are possible to meet customer-specific requirements.

Multilock - patented interface

The MultiLock system enables the torch body to be changed quickly without having to replace the entire hose package. This enables flexible adaptation to the respective welding challenge.

  • 360° | The torch body can be turned through 360° to permit the greatest possible welding flexibility on components with challenging geometries.
  • | The 0° position is fixed by an anti-twist device.
  • Integrated water stop | Prevents water from escaping when the torch body is removed.

Perfectly cooled

Cost efficient through robustness

The water- and gas-cooled MIG / MAG welding torches get the most out of any application. Perfect cooling can also maximize the service life of  components and thus improve cost efficiency.

Water cooling system

On water-cooled systems the cooling system has been brought forward and outward as far as possible. The shape of the contact tip means that less radiant heat is now absorbed. This alone brings a temperature reduction of up to 70 °C for the wearing parts.

More about water-cooled welding torches

Welding fume extraction

Optimal protection for health and work environment

Welding fumes can be harmful to health, which is why Fronius believes in extracting the welding fumes directly at the point of origin – the welding torch. Thanks to fume extraction torches, the welder and their wider working environment are effectively protected against harmful emissions.

Exento extraction kit

  • Compatible with every Fronius MIG/MAG welding torch – including the PushPull variants
  • Special geometry of the extraction nozzle for optimal fume capture without affecting the gas shield
  • Up/Down and JobMaster possible
  • Continuously adjustable extraction nozzle
  • LED light function may still be used, depending on the position of the extraction duct
More information

Exento fume extraction torch

  • Five different power categories: 3x air-cooled and 2x water-cooled
  • Extraction capacity controlled directly on the handle
  • Four different user interfaces available: Up/Down, JobMaster, potentiometer, top torch trigger
  • LED light for welding in dark environments as well as for quality control
  • 1.3 m leather protection tube directly on the handle for perfect protection against high temperatures and welding spatter
  • Quick tester of the extraction capacity directly at the suction nozzle
More information

High precision: PullMIG welding torch


At a working height of 1 meter, the PullMig welding torch weighs just 1.6 kg and is therefore 30% lighter than comparable models. Its compact design means there is barely any size difference to conventional welding torches. The PullMig is a favorite for aluminum applications and where long hosepacks is required (up to 15 m) – situations in which a reliable and precise wirefeed is essential.

For the CMT welding process Fronius specially developed the PullMig CMT welding torch with a highly dynamic drive motor.

High compatibility with third-party devices

FSC - One connection for all media

The Fronius System Connector (FSC) serves as a central connection for all media. This ensures the hose pack to be connected easily and safely to the wire feeder in less than 10 seconds - without tools. For welding equipment from other manufacturers, 4 different central connection variants (suitable for Euro, Lincoln, Miller, Hobart) are  offered to guarantee the highest possible compatibility. For this purpose standalone hose packs with corresponding connectors or adapters for existing hose packs are offered. You can get more detailed information from our sales consultants.

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