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Perfect Charging


Keeping everything in view

Battery charging systems from Fronius are specifically designed to allow you to be able to tell quickly and easily, which batteries are fully charged and cool and which are still being charged. With practical accessories, for example the LED strips, the state of charge can be seen from afar, without having to approach the battery. Furthermore, with the remote control system, the device can be remotely controlled and monitored.
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LED strips

Immediately identify the state of charge of your battery
The LED strip allows you to determine even from far away which traction battery is being charged, is fully charged, or has cooled down and is ready for use. This function also helps to considerably increase the service life of the battery.
If the battery is charging, the LED strip is orange. When the battery is fully charged, the LED strip turns green. The LED strip does not change to a steady blue colour until the battery has cooled down to the extent that it is ready to be removed. To ensure a long service life for the batteries, it is important to use the battery only when it has reached a cool state. This protects the battery and reduces faults. In the menu, you can set the time and the temperature at which the LED strip should turn blue.
The LED strips are available for battery charging systems in the Selectiva series in power categories 2 kW to 16 kW. 

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