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Perfect Welding

Joining Smart Technologies: Sustainability and Digitalization in Automotive Engineering


On May 10 and 11, 2023, experts in artificial intelligence, specialists in joining technology, and sustainability professionals from leading companies came together with representatives from the automotive and supply industry to discuss ideas at our production site in Sattledt, Austria. The international automotive conference was all about the environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainability and attracted around 130 participants from 16 countries, from Mexico to Vietnam. 
130 participants from 16 countries attended the international automotive conference in Sattledt. In addition to top-class talks from leading experts, the event also offered ample opportunity to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

The twelve speakers spanned the spectrum from scientific research on artificial intelligence to practical applications, with examples from ambitious companies that have already managed to integrate sustainability into their day-to-day activities. Aside from the talks, the participants used the opportunity to network and exchange experiences. They all share a desire to harness the potential of digitalization for more sustainable production, and to use resources as sparingly as possible. 

The conference not only focused on technological developments in the industry, but also the opportunities that sustainability offers to companies. It is already clear that environmental action is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage – not only from a monetary perspective, but also in the race to recruit the specialist professionals who are in such high demand. After all, humans still play a central role in AI-supported production. 

It will therefore be interesting to see which of the challenges and solutions discussed will already have materialized by the next automotive conference in two years’ time.

More insights from the international automotive conference 2023 can be found here and here.

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