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24 hours of sun academy Practical Fronius training

Current: GEN24 Plus commissioning

Video tutorial: GEN24 Plus commission

Even quicker and easier: before you commission a Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus for the first time, learn about it with our video tutorial. So you can install and start up your first GEN24 Plus device with ease. 

Webinar: GEN24 Plus – the new hybrid inverter at a glance

This webinar is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of the new hybrid inverter from Fronius. Our experts will explain the most important functions, such as battery compatibility, backup power variants and the quick installation concept of the new GEN24 Plus inverter.

Our webinars

With our webinars you can expand your knowledge from the comfort of your home or workplace. The webinars take place online and can be attended via a laptop or smartphone. During the webinar, take the opportunity to interact with our trainers and ask any questions you may have on the topic in the chat.

Don’t have time on the webinar date?
Watch the free recording on YouTube at any time afterwards. Save yourself time and the expense of travelling there and back with our webinars. Learn online - effectively and without wasting any time.

Familiarise yourself with Fronius products and solutions and get an overview of the wide range of possibilities Fronius offers in the solar sector. Learn more about inverter technology, system design and our products and solutions.

You will also discuss current industry and sector topics together with our trainers.

You are already working with Fronius and want to dive deeper into our world?

In our advanced webinars, we provide you with detailed information on the installation and commissioning of our products. We also present special features of our solutions in more detail and highlight technical details that are important in connection with storage or energy management topics.

If you are already one of our qualified Fronius System Partners, our exclusive Partner Webinars are also available for you. In these webinars you will receive important Fronius news on new products and features earlier. In addition, our trainers also address special topics in these webinars, giving you that extra bit of specialist knowledge.

To register, simply use the FSP registration code you received as part of the FSP qualification.

Our training

The complexity and professionalism of our industry are constantly growing. To be successful, it is becoming increasingly important to stand apart from the competition with your know-how. In target group-specific training sessions, we teach you the technical skills you need to be ahead of the game.

  • Mix of lectures, workshops and practical work on real devices
  • Theory taught in advance via online training
  • Individual adaptation of the contents according to participants’ preferences
  • Small groups of up to 14 persons
Dive deep into various topics during our face-to-face training sessions. Use the training day to take a close look at products with our trainers  and ask any open questions. 
Use our online trainings to virtually immerse yourself in our product and solution world with our trainers. With the help of state-of-the-art video technology, we show you important details that are important for the installation and safe operation of our products. It feels as if you are there live. 
Our online training courses consist of a live training session and an E-learning part. Learn everything you need to know about our solutions in the live session and get in touch with our experts. Then deepen what you have learned in the E-learning area in a flexible and independent way, with available recordings and a quiz, and receive your confirmation of participation.

Our training concept

smart meter training

Extensive know-how straight from the manufacturer...

  • Expertise
    Our trainers are all experienced employees with a technical background from different areas of the company. They know our products inside out and know what the market wants.
  • A practical approach
    Our training courses have been designed with your needs in mind. So you learn exactly what you need to know in practice.
  • Hands-on
    Our courses give you a detailed insight into Fronius’ hardware and software solutions, and enable you to install your customers’ energy solutions with ease.

... with a wide range of topics

  • Solutions for energy sector integration and the energy revolution
  • Basic principles of photovoltaics
  • Fronius products and solutions
  • Commissioning
  • Special topics (e.g. battery storage, hot water preparation with PV)
  • MicroGrids and rural electrification
  • Fronius Service Partner Qualification Training
trainings team

Get to know our team

Our experts will show you exactly what you need in practice, helping you to become even more successful.

Our large team provides a broad foundation and covers a wide range of topics to the usual level of Fronius quality. 


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