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Perfect Welding
Electricity masts

Power Plants, Oil and Gas Cladding in energy production

Welding in energy production

No matter whether it is in the oil and gas industry or in power plant construction, welding is of central importance in energy production. The requirements in this area are high: The connections need to be pressure-resistant, and must withstand corrosion and wear and stand up to extreme environmental influences.

From on-shore and off-shore pipelines, to heat exchangers right through to turbine blades: the service life of components for energy production is greatly dependent on the quality of the weld seams. However, these seams not only need to be produced reliably, they also need to be cost effective.

Power plant

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Welding robot

The combination of low-cost steel and high-quality protective layers creates considerable cost advantages

Overlay welding, also known as cladding, is an efficient and cost-effective process for repairing metal components or protecting them against wear and corrosion by applying a filler material. In this process, components made of inexpensive steel sorts are coated with special alloys such as alloy 50 and 625, CrMo 910 or Inconel 625. The combination of the low-cost parent material steel and the high-quality protective layers creates considerable cost benefits.

In addition to repairing worn components, cladding is also used for shielding (wear protection) and overlay welding (corrosion protection) component surfaces. Typical components are valves (valve tappets, valve bodies), risers, jumpers, manifolds, wet trees (Christmas trees), heat exchanger tubes, membrane walls, stabilizers or turbine shafts.

Welding equipment

SpeedClad Twin: The quickest Fronius TIG Cladding process for valve components

With SpeedClad Twin, Fronius has an electro-surfacing process in its range that offers the same quality as conventional TIG cladding, whilst being three times faster and more efficient. It is suitable for components with an inner diameter of at least 150 millimeters. A vertical torch position is required.

An overview of the advantages of SpeedClad Twin:

  • High quality
  • Stable and cost effective
  • Extremely high deposition rate
  • Less penetration and fusion
  • Greatly reduced shielding gas consumption
  • Simple retrofitting of conventional cladding systems 



High-Performance Pipe Cladding: Three times quicker than before

With the new high-performance cladding process for the interior cladding of pipes, Fronius is setting new standards in terms of performance, quality and cost effectiveness. The TIG hot wire process has a deposition rate of 13.5 kg/h and achieves welding speeds of up to 190 cm/min. It is suitable for pipes of up to 12.5 meters long, an inner diameter of at least 152 millimeters and a maximum outer diameter of 914 millimeters.

The advantages of high-performance cladding:

  • High quality
  • Stable and cost effective
  • Extremely high deposition rate
  • Reduced shielding gas consumption
  • Protects burner wearing parts

Cladding systems for energy generation

Endless torch rotation system

Welding robots
Valve cluster components

Compact Cladding Cell

Welding robot
Valve bodies


Welding robot
Heat exchanger tubes

Cladding System

Turbine shafts
Turbine shafts

Brunmaier Roland

Your Fronius partner for automated overlay welding

Roland Brunmaier


Perfect connections to keep people and production safe

In energy generation, welded joints must meet high mechanical and technological requirements. Geometric imperfections such as shape and dimension discrepancies, bonding flaws or hollow spaces not only pose a risk to the function of industrial systems, they also put people in danger.

Systems for joint welding therefore need to produce repeatable weld seams of a consistently high quality at all times. The devices not only need to work reliably, they also need to have a high performance and be easy to use for manual welding. Fronius offers customers from the energy industry a wide range of products for both mechanized and manual applications.

Power plant

Joint welding: Turning individual components into industrial systems

Flextrack remotecontrol

ArcTig: Quick, easy and low cost TIG welding

The new Fronius ArcTig TIG welding process delivers high-quality weld seams in a particularly easy and cost effective manner. In mechanized and robot-supported applications, ArcTig can be used to weld materials of up to 10 millimeters thick in a single layer and without processing.


An overview of the advantages of ArcTig:

  • Up to 100% quicker welding speed in comparison with conventional TIG processes
  • Minimal or no processing with a material thickness of up to 10 mm
  • Savings in gas, filler metal and electricity
  • Low welding reinforcement and low distortion
  • No spatter
  • Easy to use
Read more about ArcTig here

Read more about ArcTig here

For many users of TIG welding processes time is as important a factor as high seam quality. With ArcTig, Fronius has developed a new TIG welding process for mechanized applications for welding at unprecedented speeds. ArcTig: Faster and finer TIG welding

Joint welding systems for energy generation

Longitudinal seam welding system

Welding robot
Gas turbine tubes

Circumferential weld welding system

Welding robot

Multi welding system

Evaporator pipes
Evaporation pipes

Orbital welding system

Pipe welding device
Heat exchangers

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