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Energy self-sufficient living – solar power system for self-sufficiency

2/6/2024 / Liencres, Spain
Self-sufficient and secure: Carlos from Liencres (Spain) has opted for a sustainable energy supply with solar power. By combining our Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter with battery storage from BYD, he brings 24 hours of sun into his home. Thanks to the experienced support provided by Fronius System Partner Inekya, the energy system was successfully implemented with some help from our digital tools. Now Carlos´s family is achieving a 79% self-consumption rate with their PV system.
When making the environmentally conscious decision in favor of solar power, drawing as little electricity from the public grid as possible is the declared goal of many private individuals and companies that rely on photovoltaics. Especially at times when energy costs are rising sharply in many places, the aspects of cost efficiency and security play a major role in the decision to install your own PV system. These factors also motivated Carlos from the Spanish coastal town of Liencres to make a personal energy transition. Now, thanks to his own PV system with an output of 6 kWp, he and his family produce and consume green electricity themselves.

Fronius GEN24 Plus with backup power – 24 hours of sun in the home

The efficient combination of our Fronius Primo GEN24 6.0 Plus hybrid inverter and the BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM 11.0 enables the family to optimally use and store the generated solar energy. This means that electricity from his own roof is reliably available not only during the day but also at night and reliable backup power is available if it’s needed. This is ensured by the Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter with its integrated basic backup power supply PV Point. As long as there is enough energy in the battery or the sun is shining, the connected devices in the household are reliably supplied with backup power by means of a socket.

Perfectly coordinated

When combined, the Fronius GEN24 Plus and the BYD Battery-Box Premium enable high charging and discharge power. This means the generated solar energy as well as the storage capacity can be used optimally. This ensures increased self-consumption as well as greater independence from the public power grid. “For us, investing in this PV system was definitely the right decision. In the long term, it is the most cost-effective energy option for us,” Carlos says confidently. “It’s also extremely reassuring that our home will still have power if there’s a grid power outage.” With his PV solution, Carlos achieves a self-consumption rate of 79%.

Trust in Fronius support

“Our customer demanded the highest quality equipment on the market for his PV system, so we chose a Fronius inverter for this project,” explains Alberto Abad, a technical engineer at Inekya. “We’re a Fronius System Partner, which means we enjoy numerous benefits that we can put to good use and that are reflected in the service we provide to our customers.”

Our digital tools ease the daily workload for our Fronius partners and support them from the design process to commissioning as well as from installing our products and solutions to monitoring and maintaining them. When challenges arise, finding a quick solution and immediate accessibility are especially crucial.

Fast service with Fronius Solar.SOS

“Every now and then there will be a hitch in the commissioning of a PV system,” Alberto tells us. “With this PV system, we needed support during the commissioning of the backup power feature. We contacted Fronius technical support with a request using Fronius Solar.SOS and the problem was solved quickly and efficiently. We were also able to access the technical documentation directly on site with Fronius Solar.SOS.”

Fronius Solar.SOS is available as an app and desktop version and can also be used offline if mobile network reception is poor – this minimizes maintenance effort and offers quick solutions when troubleshooting. Order components, request activation codes for new passwords and much more – with Fronius Solar.SOS, orders are completed easily and without having to wait on hold. In addition, all manuals and other relevant information about our products and solutions can be accessed in the tool at any time and from anywhere.



» Fronius Solar.web allows us to offer our customers an excellent tool they can use to immediately access all the information about the system themselves. This gives them all the data they need about their energy consumption and production at the click of a button. «

- Alberto Abad



Better together. 

We are proud of the trust placed in us by customers like Carlos and his family, as well as by our partners, and we’re also pleased that they continue to intentionally choose our sustainable products and solutions, again and again. They are enthusiastically spreading the word about their positive experiences with Fronius – which motivates us enormously in our daily work. Together, our vision of 24 hours of sun for everyone is becoming a reality, step by step.


Are your customers also looking for high-quality, comprehensive energy solutions that are made in Europe? Here you can find all the information you need regarding our hybrid inverter Fronius GEN24 Plus and all compatible battery storage systems.  


System Data

System output   6 kWp
Fronius components 1 Fronius Primo GEN24 Plus 6.0
Battery storage BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM 11.0
Annual yield 6,239 kWh
Carbon emissions saved
3.57 t    
Self-consumption rate 79%
Commissioned June 2022

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